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Accessibility and Inclusion at yLead Events

Our vision is a world of inclusive communities that thrive when every young person steps up to lead and serve

We invite all people into our events and strive to make every young person feel comfortable and included.

Here are some of the measures and commitments we currently have in place for students attending yLead experiences.

Supporting you to ACCESS the space


Our aim at yLead is to create spaces where everyone can participate.

When we run events, we ensure our venues are safe and accessible.

When we run In School experiences, we provide clear information about the spaces we require.

yLead chooses venues that have:
    • Step-free entry and wheelchair access
    • Non-fixed seating with flexibility to organise spaces as needed
    • Clear signage so you can find us
yLead is proactive about safety by:
    • Conducting risk assessments on all events
    • Requesting information prior to events so we know what students need to access and move safely around the space
    • Finding out if we need to use special equipment to help students see, hear and move through our sessions

Supporting you to ENGAGE with the sessions


yLead recognises that everyone learns differently.

When delivering sessions, we incorporate as many learning styles as possible.

We use the visual-auditory-kinaesthetic-tactile (VAKT) framework so that all students can engage with leadership skills in their preferred way.

All activities are designed with inclusivity, age appropriateness, physical capability, language aptitude and learning styles in mind from the start.


All our sessions are delivered alongside digital presentations and visual aids.

    • Screens provide the backdrop to sessions
    • Presentations include a mixture of language cues, images and close-captioned video to help visual learners absorb the material
    • Students can select their own seating to ensure they are positioned where they can see the facilitator and the presentation
    • Large print handouts and booklets are available on request*
    • Visuals are always accompanied by audio, demonstration and movement


All our sessions are delivered by trained facilitators who are well-versed in public speaking.

    • For sessions delivered to groups of 50+ participants, facilitators use microphones to amplify sound
    • For smaller group activities, facilitators arrange the space so that all students can hear them
    • Students can select their own seating to ensure they are positioned where they can hear
    • Facilitators are always happy to wear hearing aid lanyards on request
    • Auditory delivery is always accompanied by visuals, demonstration and movement


yLead is known for creating high-energy environments that leave a lasting impact on students. We do this through activities that incorporate movement and dance.

    • Active sessions can be adapted so that everyone may participate in their own way
    • We empower students to be themselves and join in activities however they feel comfortable

Sensory stimuli

During sessions, yLead facilitators use a mixture of techniques to keep students alert and interested.

    • Music, loud noise, vibrant imagery, movement and lighting is designed to stimulate students and help them stay engaged
    • Sessions are crafted to provide an exciting and memorable experience for participants
    • Facilitators reveal information gradually and students may not have much advance notice of what happens next to avoid overwhelming them with information
    • Students are welcome to step out of the space or wear headphones if they need space to self-regulate
    • Quiet areas can be established on request prior to events for individuals who may become overwhelmed by noise and crowds


yLead caters programs to students of varying age groups and language abilities.

    • Facilitators seek to rephrase their main messages so that students understand the content
    • Facilitators reiterate instructions so that students are clear what they are being asked to do
    • The VAKT framework supports ESL students to grasp concepts they may not have language for


At yLead, we recognise the importance of showing all kinds of leaders on our stages, because “you can’t be what you can’t see”.

We strive to represent people from a variety of backgrounds so that students receive the broadest definition of what a leader is and know they can define leadership for themselves.

    • Guest speakers come from diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives
    • Our messaging is age-appropriate, as gender-neutral as the context allows, and culturally sensitive
    • Music used for events and programs never has explicit lyrics or themes. We can also provide playlists in advance of events on request*
    • Feel free to talk to us if you have cultural or religious practices that we need to work with

Supporting you to FEEL comfortable


yLead is in touch with the unique challenges that young people face on a day-to-day basis.

Exploring the theme of leadership can sometimes bring up uncomfortable feelings for participants.

In fact, certain sessions are designed to help students step out of their comfort zone.


We take students’ wellbeing into consideration at our experiences by having:

    • Staff who are mental health first aid trained on hand to support students if they hear a story, participate in a conversation or have a memory that brings up difficult emotions or triggers past trauma
    • Volunteers who are trained and can work closely with individuals that need specific support

Supporting you on RESIDENTIAL conferences and TRAVEL experiences


yLead is proud to provide safe experiences for young people to explore their growth and expand their horizons.

Here are some of the ways we do that.

Safety and preparedness

We provide information well in advance of residential conferences and travel experiences to make sure all participants are on the same page:

    • We set Golden Guidelines to help participants understand expectations
    • We send information kits, including cultural information and packing lists, so that participants come prepared
    • We safely accommodate all genders by making sure that the accommodation of other genders is strictly out of bounds on our overnight experiences
    • We have a zero-tolerance alcohol- and drug-free policy, including vapes and cigarettes


We foster respectful relationships with our honest, open and transparent culture. We collect personal details in advance of conferences so that we can organise appropriate:

    • Accommodation according to participants’ gender identity
    • Food according to their dietary needs
    • Communication according to their preferences – pronouns, media consent
    • Experiences where everyone can fully be themselves and enjoy themselves


We have a backup plan in case of emergencies:

    • We select and develop a strong and adaptable team of staff and volunteers in line with yLead’s values who have experience handling an array of situations
    • We have close relationships with local contacts wherever we go
    • We require all staff and volunteers over 18 years of age to complete relevant Blue Card and Working With Children processes in line with their place of residence
    • We make sure we have a way for parents and teachers to contact us out of hours during overnight experiences
    • Insurance policies are purchased in alignment with conference and travel activities