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Join us to empower your students VIRTUALLY 

At yLead, we pride ourselves on creating meaningful, engaging, world class experiences for young people. We really value partnering with educators like you that share our passion for positive education and leadership development, so thank you for believing in your students and investing in their potential.

We want to assist you in ensuring the online space is engaging and exciting for your students. Through guided workshops, worksheets and activities, or fun and quirky stickers, we want your students to feel empowered to be the best people and leaders they can be. At yLead we believe that when young people are empowered, they can and WILL create things beyond our imagination. 

Scroll below for an array of resources available for educators and students. 


We know times are tough right now, so we want to help the young people in your life navigate these challenging situations with resilience.  

Due to COVID-19, we are now available to facilitate ONLINE webinars and have pre-record guided workshops available to download! While this period may be different and at times challenging, it also brings with it exciting new opportunities. It’s in this time we want to strongly support you and your students. As a result of these circumstances, it is so important that students feel empowered and motivated by learning skills and reflecting on themselves and their leadership impact.

Resilience: Using What You’re Made Of | Grades 4 – 6 | $39 
A 37-minute guided online activity that helps young students define resilience and how they can bounce back during tough times. Experienced yLead facilitator Lucy leads students through a workshop that identifies personal hobbies and strengths, discovering how these attributes can be used together. In these times it is paramount we encourage students to discover and do things they enjoy, while also understanding that those things can lead to strength and active resilience strategies in these times.

Best Self Resilience Blueprint | Grades 9 – 12 | $39 
Experienced yLead facilitator Amy will take students on an online journey to build a resilience strategy for facing adversity. In the 30-minute online workshop, Amy shares with openness and authenticity her personal story of loss. The guided workshop then leads students through the curation of a ‘Best Self’ blueprint. Listing support networks, actions, attitudes and sources of inspiration, we encourage students and teachers alike to share their blueprint creations with us and each other.


Add some charisma to your online marking or emails through these virtual stickers! 

Virtual Stickers | Bundle of 6 | $5

We believe in celebrating students’ achievements and successes. These virtual stickers are an awesome way to remind them that they’re doing a great job. Whether you attach a sticker to their online work, or add it to your emails, we know these stickers will be sure to put a smile on your students’ faces.


Designs include:

Thank you for showing leadership today!

This is wonderful creativity!

Thanks for being a helpful hero

Be proud of yourself