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Primary School

A fun and engaging leadership program delivered at your school for upper primary students.


• Year 5 & 6
• Up to 300 students
• Full-day program
• 5 week follow on teacher run lesson plans

Exploring what it takes to be a respectful, courageous and positive leader in the community.

This full-day experience educates and empowers students to be the best leaders they can be. Throughout the day students explore the acronym HEART in a series of fun challenges that summarise:

H elpful – looking out for everyday actions that enrich the lives of others.
E nergetic – promoting and sharing positive energy.
A ctive and Aware – becoming more aware of personal strengths and how they can be used to take positive action as a leader.
R esilient – the importance of having the courage to try new things, and learning to respond positively to challenging or difficult situations.
T eam player – the importance of working with others in an encouraging and supportive environment.


A series of fun and engaging activities each linked to a pertinent message, which allows students to reflect on the importance of strong and respectful relationships. This energetic and interactive presentation explores the foundations of building relationships with others.
This activity encourages students to identify both their own strengths and those of others through a series of team-based challenges. By encouraging students to be actively aware of what makes them an effective leader, they learn when and where they can best apply their leadership skills. They also identify when it is best to step back and allow others to take the lead.
Based on the game Cops ‘n Robbers, this fun and energetic session explores the dynamics of effective teams. It demonstrates that by sharing the load & working to our strengths in a supportive & encouraging environment we can achieve more. This session also addresses the need to ask for help and in turn, being ready to help when called upon.

The students broke out of their comfort zones and engaged with others to develop their leadership skills. They gained confidence as the day went on and worked together as a team.

Teacher, Varsity College Gold Coast

The students were engaged and learnt a lot about themselves and how to become an effective leader. It was a super way for primary students to get to know each other better and draw on each other’s strengths.

Teacher, St Catherine’s School Waverley