We are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of young people. Our team brings a diversity of knowledge and experience to everything we do. Take a look at our team bios to get to know the yLead family a little better!

Belinda (Bel) Yorston

CEO of yLead

Bel first encountered yLead in 2002 as a School Captain of Alexandra Hills State High School. Since her high school graduation, life has presented her with interesting opportunities and career pathways. Starting with a pursuit of passion for dance and musical theatre, then taking on her family tradition of operating small business, she became a licensed Real Estate Agent and commenced work with her mum, developing the highly awarded ‘Team Yorston’. In 2008, Bel said ‘yes’ to an adventure to Tanzania (with yLead); at the time she was not aware of the profound impact that trip would have on her life. Returning from Africa and still working in Real Estate, Bel had a new motivation for her desire to give back to community, investing many hours volunteering for yLead and Rotary. In 2011, Bel once again said ‘yes’ to a yLead opportunity and joined the team full-time. She has spent the last nine years developing and enhancing yLead’s experiences, delivering them herself to thousands of young people. Bel has a passion for adventure and has been instrumental in crafting yLead’s overseas ‘Schoolies’ alternatives and travel expeditions. Her driver is her belief in young people, there is something very profound about seeing first-hand the impact that yLead experiences have on a young person. In 2013 she was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow, one of their highest international honours, for her work in developing Rotary’s youth programs and in 2018, she stepped up and stepped out to take on the role of yLead CEO. Since taking on the role of CEO Bel’s leadership skills and confidence have grown exponentially, proving that sometimes all we really need to do is take ‘20 seconds of courage’.

Joe Martinovic

Accountant | Leader of SUSTAINABILITY

Joe has a background in Accounting and Finance. His passion for the industry originated from the comprehension of how strong financial management has a direct impact on the success of any organisation.

In 2019 Joe was introduced to yLead at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). From there, he joined Bel on the Tanzanian Immersion and challenged himself to summit Mt Kilimanjaro! It was on this adventure that he gained a deeper appreciation for yLead’s culture and the organisation’s vision. Returning to Australia he made a commitment to focus his efforts and passion on the not-for-profit industry, as he found the greatest feeling of “success” does not just come from the traditional monetary concept, but more so, from actively contributing to a worthy cause. 

Joe now assists several not-for-profit organisations: Family Connect GC - Deputy Treasurer, The Make Ways Foundation Ltd - Treasurer, Rotary Club of Coomera Valley - Youth Director and Rotaract Club of the Northern Gold Coast as President. He is invested in assisting yLead with SUSTAINABILITY while also being involved with REACH and IMPACT.
Joe perceives money as a "tool" that must be used effectively and at maximum potential to create real, positive change in the world.

If he isn’t deep in an excel spreadsheet, you’ll find him adventuring in a 4WD, boating, jet skiing or spearfishing; he believes that everyone should add Moreton Bay to their bucket list.

Zach Pleming

Business Development Manager | REACH Team

After 10 years in banking and finance, Zach decided to make the switch from corporate life to yLead in June 2021. Though succeeding in his previous roles as Branch Manager, Home Loan Officer, and Mobile Home Loan Specialist, Zach always felt like something was missing. After getting married in March of 2021, he decided it was time to listen to his heart and follow his passion for service. Zach knew the next challenge he wanted was to be apart of an organisation that was dedicated to making the world a better place (cue yLead).
In addition to sales and leadership qualities acquired throughout his tenure in Banking, Zach is adaptable, can speak to anybody, and treats everyone the same. He takes pride in his ability to listen, understand and find a solution to problems which makes the Business Development Manager role a perfect fit.
Zach is an ardent supporter of young people, developing this predilection through lived experience and the support that he received himself as an adolescent and young adult. He understands the power that the youth hold as our future leaders and believes his purpose is to help them harness their potential.
When he isn’t at his desk, you’ll catch him in nature, hiking, or camping, with his two doggos and beautiful Wife. After work, Zach practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has recently found himself turning into a bit of a yogi.

Sarah Hodge

Client Communications Officer | REACH Team

Sarah’s passion for empowering and serving young people was already well-established through her role as School Captain at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, but it was as a yLead participant in 2019 that it was truly solidified. Her experience at the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia’s Student Leadership Conference was a huge moment in not just her senior year but her young adult life.
After she graduated school, Sarah travelled to Cambodia on Help Out (yLead’s Schoolies Alternative), and since then has been involved in anything and everything yLead. When the opportunity to join the team in a full-time capacity arose, she jumped at the opportunity to take on a new challenge and do what she loves; helping create spaces for young people to unlock their potential and be at their best. Her yLead experience was one that impacted her life significantly, and she loves affording that opportunity to others.
Sarah has spent the last few years working in a variety of administrative roles and liaising with clients, and she is looking forward to combining those skills and her passion for young people. In 2020, she made the decision to take a gap-year, return to Cambodia and continue her work with Feeding Dreams, a not-for-profit, grass roots school in Siem Reap, leaning into her passion for education and young people.
Outside of work, Sarah is studying a Bachelor of Art/Secondary Education at The University of Queensland with the hopes of one day being in the classroom as an English and History teacher. She lives for adventure and loves being outdoors, spending her spare time running, hiking and exploring this beautiful planet we all share.

Zoe Meredith-Brown

Senior Facilitator | IMPACT Team

Zoe has an indescribable love for giving to others. She was first introduced to yLead while attending an In School program at her high school in 2013, it was here that her passion for people was ignited, leading her to be nominated as a Prefect at St John’s Anglican College. Zoe was given the opportunity to partake in another yLead experience in 2015 where she attended the Australian Student Leadership Conference. Zoe’s passion for yLead continued to grow once completing school, in 2018 she was awarded ‘yTeamer of the Year’ to recognise her outstanding voluntary contribution to the association.
Zoe has completed her Bachelor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology and is extremely passionate about the holistic approach of health, looking at the whole person not just their disease or illness but their stories, experiences, and culture.
Zoe has stepped up to form part of our IMPACT team, travelling across the country spreading our mission of empowering young people to create great change in their own lives and communities. She loves the opportunity she gets to form connections with our incredible volunteer community, enthusiastic educators, and strong students.
Zoe exudes energy, thoughtfulness, and service in all that she does. She aspires to ensure students from all walks of life can have the same revelation she had in 2013; that young people really can change the world.
If Zoe isn’t at a school spreading the yLead vibes you can find her at the beach, climbing a mountain or snuggled in bed watching one of her favourite TV shows.

George Conlon

Facilitator, yTeam Coordinator | IMPACT Team

George’s first experience with yLead was one to remember as a participant of the Australian Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) in 2018. Representing Padua College as a House Captain, George found ASLC a much-needed experience. The conference helped him to discover his real passion for leadership and empowering others, taking this fresh energy back into his school community. His creative writing ability and passion saw him win a ‘Scholarships for Dreams’ competition where he wrote about his ambitions and career dreams.
After graduating, George’s love for yLead brought him back as a volunteer and as a mentor on the Schoolies alternative experience to Cambodia. George loves working with youth; prior to his role at yLead he coached sport for Padua and spent his afternoons working as an after-school care educator at his primary school, St Anthony’s.
At the beginning of 2021, George continued to follow his passion for youth and leadership and became a yLead Contractor. Later that year, the facilitation role was advertised and he thought it was too good to be true. George threw his hat in the ring which resulted in his first full-time job.
Alongside full-time work, he studies part-time at the Queensland University of Technology doing a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) which he thoroughly enjoys. When George isn’t working or studying, he loves playing basketball and soccer, video games with friends and board games with his family. George loves Brisbane and would recommend his favourite lookout spot at the Shorncliffe Jetty.

Cealè Sadi-Brydon

Facilitator | IMPACT Team

Cealè’s compassion for people is an ever-present characteristic that fuels the impact that she has in all she does. In 2017 she began a Bachelor of Social Work which equipped her with tangible skills, knowledge, and understanding around connecting and serving others. She has a wealth of experience working with youth through her church community, outside school hours care work experience, and social work placements; and believes that nurturing and enhancing human relationships is a powerful course of action to see young people thrive in our community. In Cealè’s eyes, leadership begins with heart and humility. Aligning with the first yLead essential pillar of leadership, ‘Leadership begins within’; She believes that building a strong sense of identity and self-confidence, adopting a heart posture of service, and fostering the best out of your team, cultivates the best environment for all to SHINE!
As an Australian-Papua New Guinean woman, she knows all too well that school can sometimes be a hard place to 'fit in'… Navigating high school whilst struggling to harness her cultural identity was a challenging yet fundamental experience; allowing her to develop a strong passion for diversity of culture and a deep sense of belonging in who she is.
Cealè finds purpose in the pursuit of championing on those around her and channels this purpose through her creative outputs of photography, videography, and graphic design. Her dream is to collaborate compassion and creativity in pursuit of sharing the untold stories of this world. If you asked Cealè to describe a moment where she is most happy, she would say it’s when watching others pursue their passions wholeheartedly!