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Leadership Groups

Hands on team building and essential skill development for student leadership groups


• SRC / Prefects / Student Leaders
• Up to 50 Students
• Half-day or Full-Day


Maximising the Badge is a hands-on leadership development experience that combines team building with essential skill development for leadership groups. Students will work together in a range of practical challenges, developing a greater understanding of each other and creating a shared vision for the year ahead.

Maximising the Badge will:

  • Explore the notion of how an effective and inspiring leadership team can have a dynamic and positive influence on their school.
  • Enhance self-awareness on skills and strengths and provide an opportunity for the team to value each others contributions.
  • Promote group cohesion, unity and a shared vision.
  • Develop clear goals and action plans.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to enhance their leadership skills in an open learning environment.
  • Demonstrate the value and responsibility of leadership through a positive, fun and engaging experience.


• Peer Support Leaders
• Up to 50 Students
• Half-day or Full-Day


yLead’s Peer Support Training is a comprehensive leadership development experience that empowers students with the tools to be effective Peer Support Leaders. Students will participate in a variety of workshops that explore: leadership fundamentals, creating connections, building trust, managing teams and facilitating activities. Students will also complete a workbook to refer back to throughout their Peer Support leadership year.

Peer Support Training will:

  • Help Peer Support Leaders understand the importance of their role in the wider school context.
  • Develop Peer Support Leaders’ skills in creating  connections with younger students through facilitating meaningful conversation.
  • Examine the keys to building a trusting relationship between Peer Support Leaders and younger students.
  • Equip Peer Support Leaders with the tools to manage small groups (teams) and create a positive, inclusive and welcoming culture for younger students.
  • Empower Peer Support Leaders with the confidence to design engaging meetings and facilitate activities.

A great day that really developed our students’ team work and leadership. Incredibly valuable to our Year 12 students!

Teacher, St John’s College Nambour

I would like to sincerely thank you and all of the team at yLead for the inspiration and direction. This has resulted in our student leaders creating an amazing, positive culture within our school.

Teacher, Gladstone State High School