Leadership Groups

Hands on team building and essential skill development for student leadership groups


• SRC / Prefects / Student Leaders
• Up to 50 Students
• Half-day or Full-Day


This experience combines team building with essential skill development. Students will be given the opportunity to work together in a range of challenging environments and have hands on leadership experience. Throughout these activities students will gain greater self-awareness, as well as a stronger understanding of team members. This program can be tailored to suit a variety of outcomes/groups/time frames. Maximising the Badge will:

  • Explore the notion of how an effective and inspiring leadership team can be a huge positive influence on schools and communities
  • Enhance self and group awareness amongst leadership teams
  • Promote group cohesion and unity through deconstructing team activities
  • Develop a sense of shared vision and strategy
  • Teach advanced skills and tools to assist leaders in their growth and development


• Peer Support Leaders
• Up to 50 Students
• Half-day or Full-Day


Throughout this experience, students will learn how they can make a difference to the wellbeing of the student body and be a person of positive influence in their school. They will learn how to support younger students in their high school transition by building positive relationships, enhancing their interpersonal skills and mastering the fundamentals of leadership. Peer Support will:

  •    Educate students about the fundamentals of leadership
  •    Give students an understanding of their personal strengths and qualities to use in their leadership role
  •    Develop students’ ability to build strong relationships and be a positive role model
  •    Enhance students’ ability to lead a team by developing a deeper understanding of group dynamics and communication techniques
  •    Develop students’ skills in project management and leading meetings.

A great day that really developed our students’ team work and leadership. Incredibly valuable to our Year 12 students!

Teacher, St John’s College Nambour

I would like to sincerely thank you and all of the team at yLead for the inspiration and direction. This has resulted in our student leaders creating an amazing, positive culture within our school.

Teacher, Gladstone State High School