Australian Student Leadership Conference

Empowering student leaders to make a real difference in their schools and community.


A three-day residential personal growth and leadership development conference.


The conference is open to senior students with a leadership role or interest in leadership.

Early Bird Price: $425+GST per student (Ends November 8, 2021)
Full Conference Fee: $445+GST
per student

Established in 1991, the Australian Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) is a three-day residential conference, uniting student leaders from their regions across Australia. In 2022, ASLC presents an important opportunity for newly elected student leaders to action the rebuild at your schools, empowering them with the skills and confidence to implement exciting initiatives that build on what we have all experienced in 2021. yLead continually enhances its experiences to reflect the growth and evolution of societal issues and leadership challenges that young people face; making our experiences memorable, relevant and incredibly engaging.
Student leaders return from the conference:
  • Empowered with a stronger sense of self-awareness, self-worth & self-belief
  • Prepared with essential skills & tools to effectively lead
  • Motivated to make a difference in their school & community
  • Equipped with clear goals & action plans
  • Connected to a powerful network of young leaders from across Australia

** Please note all registered participants will need to complete a health declaration before attending ASLC and will be temperature tested onsite. Participants are requested to stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath**

South East Queensland
7 – 9 Jan 2022 | Union College, University of Queensland, St Lucia
North Queensland
13 – 15 Jan 2022 | Saints Catholic College, JCU, Townsville
16 – 18 Jan 2022 | University College, University of Melbourne, Parkville
South Australia
20 – 22 Jan 2022 | Nunyara Conference Centre, Bel Air

Below is an insight into Day 1 of the 3 Day Conference. To access the full agenda, please click here.

How do I register my students?
To register your students for this unique opportunity, please complete the registration by clicking ‘Register Now’ above.  yLead will provide a link for students to provide dietary, medical and other personal information closer to the event.

Who will be looking after the students?
The yLead team will supervise students throughout the entire conference experience.  Males and females will be housed in supervised accommodation overnight. Students requiring leave from the conference will need to provide written permission from their parent/guardian.

As a staff member, am I required to attend?
School staff are not required to attend the event.  However, we are more than happy to welcome you throughout the conference.  We strongly encourage you or appropriate staff/executives to attend ASLC on Day 3. On this day conference participants will be led through a vision and goal setting workshop. It is a great opportunity for you to sit down with your students and work together on building a strong 12month leadership vision for your school.

Can I send students that have not or may not be elected into leadership positions?
Yes! ASLC is an incredible experience for all senior students. The conference equips all senior students with great strategies to maximise their final year of high school.

Do names of students need to be known at time of registration?
No. You can register numbers of students once registration opens; specific names and student details are due on Friday 9th November 2021.

Is there a maximum or minimum number of students I can register?
No. It is however a great conference for a number of student leaders to experience together. Schools send anywhere from 4 elected leaders to a pool of 14 students. When a group of students experience ASLC together they become a more united team that has a greater ability to implement their ideas and share their knowledge with others back at school.

Does yLead have a COVID Safe plan in place?
The safety of all staff and students is always yLead’s main priority. yLead’s COVID safe plan aligns with government recommendations and works closely with conference venues to be adaptable to any changes and updates. All attending students, guest speakers and yLead Team members will be required to fill out a health declaration prior to their onsite registration. Each venue currently has restrictions on capacity, we recommend being swift in confirming your registration so you don’t miss out. If you wish to peruse our COVID Safe Plan please contact us.

** Please note all registered participants will need to complete a health declaration before attending ASLC and will be temperature tested onsite. Participants are requested to stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath**

What happens if the conference gets cancelled due to government restrictions?
If the conference does need to be cancelled due to government restrictions, yLead will provide an alternative experience online. Details on how to participate in this event will be communicated to students and educators via email and sms.

Here are some of our past speakers:

Kbora Ali | First Afghan Woman in the Australian Army

In 2007 at the age of nine, Kbora arrived in Australia as a refugee after spending three years in a refugee camp in Pakistan when her family fled from Afghanistan due to violence against Hazaras. During her schooling, Kbora’s passion for harmony and acceptance of diverse cultures motivated her to organise and coordinate cultural events. This also led her to playing a pivotal role in the #achildlikeme initiative, raising awareness for children in detention centres across Australia. When Kbora left school she decided to pursue a career in defence, becoming the first Afghan woman to be a part of the Australian Army.

Matt Defina | The Man Cave

Growing up between adventures in the beaches, bush and suburbs of Victoria, Matt has been driven to seek out wholesome and challenging experiences from a young age. Inspired by endless trips skiing, scuba diving, hiking and traveling, Matt has always been driven to find the potential in himself and others and to create environments where people can flourish. Through The Man Cave, Matt now wants to give young men experiences that will expand their view of what is possible in life, for themselves and in their relationships with others.

Mikhara Ramsing | Executive Chairman at Miks Chai and Founder Ethnic LGBT+

Mikhara Ramsing is a social entrepreneur, running two social enterprises in the youth mental health space: Miks Chai a tea company that supports mental health and wellbeing, and; Ethnic LGBT+ which is Australia’s only free national website providing support, education and mentoring for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) LGBT+ individuals. Mikhara says that sharing her story years ago saved her life, made her feel connected and solidified that she had found her place to make an impact in the world.

Matt Kershaw | Head of People Development (ANZ) Domino’s Pizza

Matt’s life changed forever when he was 19, after two surgeons removed a 17cm tumour from his spine and chest. Since then, Matt says that he has stopped following the crowd and wandering aimlessly, and decided to lead his life in a way that is meaningful to him. He has travelled the world, delivered experiences to hundreds of thousands throughout Australia and New Zealand with yLead, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania 13 times and led hundreds to the summit and presented at national and multinational conferences, meeting with some of the most inspiring leaders on the planet. Matt is currently the Head of People Development (ANZ) for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, where he is pursuing his passion for wanting people to live a life that fulfils them and leaves their world in a better place than they found it.

I found the conference experience so eye opening and inspirational. I’ve learnt new things about not only leadership but life and how I can apply it to my life and leadership role.

Gloria Scotaga - Family Vice Captain - St Francis College Crestmead

This conference has given me the tools I need to be an effective leader. Before I arrived, I was looking forward to my new role as a leader, but wasn’t confident in my abilities to lead. This conference has been a positive experience to boost my confidence and belief in my abilities.

School Captain, Padua College Brisbane

I have worked closely in our leadership preparation at Burnside State High School for over 15 years and I have been consistently pleased and proud of our leadership teams with their commitment, enthusiasm, and level of engagement on the return to school after their experience at the conference.

Student Council Coordinator, Burnside State High School

I now feel really prepared to tackle this year!

Ingrid Fitzpatrick - Vice Captain – Matthew Flinders Anglican College

The atmosphere was so supportive and gave me the space to be myself and to learn and grow.

Bridget Fogarty - House Captain – St Ursula’s College

Amazing, so good to network with other leaders and captains. It has given me lots of inspiration and strategies to use at my school.

Dominique Mullins - School Captain – All Hallows’ School

Just awesome! I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity. I have so much more knowledge and a new look at the way I approach things.

Lawson Mackriell - School Captain – Tamborine Mountain State High School

The conference was challenging and targeted all aspects of leadership which has definitely helped me to become the leader I always hoped to be.

Nick Frost - School Captain – Gladstone State High School

I found it interesting that I came in shy and overwhelmed but am now more confident and will continue to step out of my comfort zone

Vice Captain – Kingston College

The conference experience was absolutely amazing. Loved every bit of it! It was challenging but epic!

Oliver Nicholson - School Captain – St Patrick’s College

I learnt a lot more about myself than I thought I would, I have gained skills that are valuable for every setting.

Matt Jennings - Vice School Captain – Belmont High School


Primary School

Years 5 – 6
Teaching the fundamentals of leadership through fun and engaging workshops.

Secondary School

Years 7 – 12
Creating united cohorts and motivating students to be active leaders in their school.

Leadership Groups

SRC | Student Leaders | Prefects
Hands on team building, peer support coaching and essential skill development.