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Empowering student leaders across New Zealand to
make a real difference in their schools and community.


A three-day residential personal growth and leadership development conference.


Tuesday 8th October to Thursday 10th October 2024


The conference is open to student leaders in Year 12 who are looking to take on leadership in Year 13.

Investment: $449 NZD per student

Conference fee includes supervised accommodation, meals, all workshops, guest speakers, a personal mentor and workbook. 

‘Rangatira’ is comprised of two Maori words – Raranga (meaning to weave) and tira (meaning a group of people). Rangatira translates to the word leader – someone who can bring people together towards a common goal.
Rangatira is an opportunity to gather and develop the finest young leaders from across the North Island.
Students return from the conference:
  • Empowered with a stronger sense of self-awareness, self-worth & self-belief
  • Prepared with essential skills & tools to effectively lead
  • Motivated to make a difference in their school & community
  • Equipped with clear goals & action plans
  • Connected to a powerful network of young leaders from across New Zealand
Rangatira will be held in Rotorua over three days. Accomodation is included in the investment and will be supervised by yLead.
When: Tuesday 8th October – Thursday 10th October 2024
Where: Hosted by Rotorua Boys’ High School, Rotorua

In January 2012, three Rotorua Boys’ High School Year 12 students – Kelsey Crew, Liam Hae Hae and Shaquille Graham attended the yLead Australian Student Leadership Conference in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. During the conference they developed a vision to bring the experience to aspiring young leaders in New Zealand and ensure they felt confident and well equipped to lead their schools. Later that year, in partnership with the Super 8 schools, we launched ‘Rangatira’ in Rotorua which continues to be held annually.
2021 marked 10 years of Rangatira in Rotorua. In 2023 we are so proud to say that we have been able to have over a decade of impact on New Zealand. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we’ll be bringing Rangatira, the much anticipated leadership experience, back to the North Island and we’re inviting you to join us in continuing the Rangatira tradition by offering your students this unique opportunity.
Anaru Palmer was a participant of Rangatira in 2017 and has continued to be a part of our yLead volunteer community ever since. He was inspired to express what Rangatira meant to him below to ensure that every young New Zealand leader is presented with the opportunity to experience what he did.
We are yLead.
This is Rangatira.
How do I register my students?
To register your students for this unique opportunity, please complete the registration form.  Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a request for students to provide dietary, medical and other personal information closer to the event.
Who will be looking after the students?
The yLead team will supervise students throughout the entire conference experience.  Males and females will be housed in separate supervised accommodation overnight. Students requiring leave from the conference will need to provide written permission from their parent/guardian.
As a staff member, am I required to attend?
School staff are not required to attend the event.  However, we are more than happy to welcome you throughout the conference.  We are also able to arrange a meals and accommodation package if required. We strongly encourage you or other appropriate staff member/s to attend Rangatira on Day 3 (Thursday 10th October). Conference participants will be led through a vision and goal setting workshop. It is a great opportunity for you to sit down with your students and work together on building a strong 12-month leadership vision for your school.
Can I send students that have not yet been elected to leadership positions?
Yes! Rangatira is an incredible experience for all senior students. The conference will suit students considering applying for leadership roles, stepping up to leadership or wanting to expand their personal leadership skills.
Do names of students need to be known at time of registration?
No. You can register a certain number of students once registration opens; names are not required at time of registration. Specific due dates for this information will be given once registered.
Is there a maximum or minimum number of students I can register?
No. It is a great conference for a number of student leaders to experience together. Schools send anywhere from 4 elected leaders to a pool of 14 students applying for leadership positions. When a group of students experience Rangatira together, they become a more united team that has a greater ability to implement their ideas and share their knowledge with others.
What if students have a distance to travel?
We appreciate that some students may like to make travel arrangements and arrive the night before. yLead does offer supervised accommodation the night before Rangatira. There is an additional charge of $70 per person, which includes dinner organised by yLead, accommodation, and breakfast the next morning. Please make us aware if you wish to take up this offering.
Does yLead have a COVID Safe plan in place?
The safety of all students and staff is always yLead’s main priority. yLead’s COVID safe plan aligns with government recommendations and works closely with conference venues to be adaptable to any changes and updates. All attending students, guest speakers and yLead Team members will be required to obey by current government guidelines while onsite.
What happens if the conference gets cancelled due to government restrictions?
If the conference does need to be cancelled due to government restrictions, yLead will provide an alternative experience (be it online or otherwise). Details on how to participate in this event will be communicated to students and educators via email and sms.

**Participants are requested to stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath**

Through this amazing experience I have not only grown as a leader but also a person. I am so glad I was lucky enough to be a part of this experience.

School Captain, New Plymouth Girls' High School

The conference was fast paced, challenging, placed students outside of their comfort zone and made them think positively and passionately about how they can individually and as a team influence the direction of their school.

Paul King, Director of Leadership, Palmerston North Boys High School

This conference has made a huge impact in my life. You all helped me one way or another to become a better leader and role model for our younger generation.

School Leader, Palmerston North Boys’ High School

I found it hugely beneficial and I definitely think it equipped me better as a leader. I loved the bonds I was able to create with new people. Overall, one of the best experiences ever!

Deputy Head Prefect, Napier Girls’ High School

The overall experience has been like nothing I’ve done before. I thoroughly enjoyed making new connections and learning more about what being a leader is all about. The mentors were open and approachable and made me feel that bit more relaxed.

Prefect, Rotorua Girls High School

It was really different and put me out of my comfort zone. I am more a sit back and let someone else take the lead person. This conference has motivated me to want to take the lead at my school.’

Student Leader, Rotorua Boys’ High School

Rangatira was really different. I had not idea what to expect coming in, but I know it wasn’t this! So challenging and rewarding. One of a kind experience I will remember for a long time.

Head Girl, Hamilton Girls’ High School

Very unique and enjoyable. I found it challenging at times but this was good and made me gain more self confidence. It was a worthwhile and memorable experience.

Prefect, Tauranga Boys’ College


Primary School

Years 5 – 6
Teaching the fundamentals of leadership through fun and engaging workshops.

Secondary School

Years 7 – 12
Creating united cohorts and motivating students to be active leaders in their school.

Leadership Groups

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Hands on team building, peer support coaching and essential skill development.