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Free Online Interactive Webinar for Year 9 Students

What is AMP’D UP?

AMP’D UP brings the yLead energy and life to a screen in a classroom in your school. The webinar covers what we consider the most important concepts and ideas that young leaders should be talking about right now.

AMP’D UP is tailored specifically to the needs of a Year 9 student and will skill your students with the confidence and tools to:

  • Define a leader’s mindset and teach others to lead too
  • Be confident in navigating our ever-changing world
  • Discover the new opportunities that leaders have within their school
  • Learn the power of what we can control and can’t control

When is AMP’D UP?

MONDAY 15th JUNE, 2020 11:00am AEST

There are LIMITED PLACES available so be sure to secure your spot to empower your students.

Why are we offering AMP’D UP as a free online webinar? At yLead we believe in the power of leadership skills and we know that all students right now need positive and engaging content to keep them motivated and get them excited about the future. It’s been a journey for everyone and everyone has experienced it differently. However we know that AMP’D UP will help:

  • Develop young leaders, increasing their capabilities of leading in their senior years
  • Empowering young leaders will lead to empowering their peers
  • Provide a fresh perspective on what can be achieved through this time
  • Remind Year 9’s that we are thinking of them too (not just seniors that have received a lot of attention through this time)

How will it run?
yLead will use the Zoom platform to facilitate AMP’D UP! Each school will be issued with a log in that is to be used on one computer. We envisage this computer being set up to project onto a large screen in a classroom.

How many students can I register?
The experience is limited to a classroom of 25-30 students. Depending on the current restrictions in your state, each school is responsible for following appropriate guidelines in that classroom.

Can I invite students to join from other year levels?
AMP’D UP is an exclusive event for your Year 9 students, targeting their needs and skills at this specific time in their high school journey. These might be middle school student leaders, or those who show an interest in leadership. Or there may be students in your school that you’d love to empower or reward for their hard work, giving a positive boost to those who need it.

Can I register for multiple classrooms in my school?
Only one registration is permitted per school, with just one classroom having access to the webinar. Thanks to technology we are able to reach schools far and wide and want to allow a variety of schools to have access to the event.

What are the details of the event?
AMP’D UP will be delivered on Monday 15th June, 2020 at 11:00am AEST, with an approximate 1 hour running time.

What if I had already registered for Altitude Day?
Amazing! We are so grateful for your support. You will still need to re-register for this online event.

Do we need a teacher to supervise?
Yes, we would expect the classroom to be supervised by a teacher during the 60 minute zoom webinar.

What else do I need to know?
Once you have registered you will receive more information on how to set up your classroom and AV ready for the event, as well as yLead’s Code of Conduct for using online platforms.