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Schoolies Alternatives Mentor Application

Join yLead on an adventure of a lifetime as a Schoolies Mentor in New Zealand or Cambodia in 2023!

At yLead, we believe in the power of connection, exploration and growth. Which is why we invest in creating annual travel experiences for young people. Since 2011, yLead has been facilitating immersive and impactful Schoolies Alternatives overseas, and with over 400 Year 12 graduates having now joined us on adventures to New Zealand and/or Cambodia.

We cannot create these safe transformative experiences alone. It takes a team of passionate and adventurous role models; yTeam, ASLC and Travel Alumni who are willing to create empowering travel immersions whilst experiencing the adventure themselves… our Schoolies Mentors!
Schoolies Mentors are not only passionate about travel but have a will to give back and arm school graduates with tips and tools to embark on their journey into the real world.
Applications are now open to join yLead overseas in 2023!

Schoolies Mentor Roles & Responsibilities

  • Give 100% and be the ultimate role model during all activities (open-minded, fun, supportive, encouraging, brave and wise)
  • Be your best possible self and support school leavers in doing the same – be authentic, honest and unafraid to self-reflect on your experience as well
  • Set the standard – be on time, be culturally sensitive, be prepared and lead in learning the language of the land
  • Be ready to share your personal experiences about life after school to help school leavers kickstart their journey into the world outside of school
  • Keep some ultimate ice-breakers in your pocket for fun on the run
  • Assist the tour leaders in making school leavers feel welcome and safe
  • Assist the tour leaders in the smooth running of trip logistics
  • Manage and supervise smaller groups when required
  • Support participants when they are unwell or adjusting to life overseas
  • Be prepared to support all team members in any unlikely emergency situations
  • Be available in a departing city one night pre and post expedition, in case of evening supervision for a schoolies participant
  • Acknowledge the drug and alcohol-free policy (applies for the leadership team as well) – great detox week!

Schoolies Mentor Criteria

Schoolies mentors must have:

  • Graduated high school
  • A passion for youth
  • A desire to travel and explore the world
  • Experience mentoring teenagers
  • Tips and experience on transitioning into the real world
  • The ability to lead small group activity and discussion

Trip Commitments

  • Complete a registration form and pay a $500 deposit within a week of acceptance
  • Transport yourself to a departing city – Brisbane or Melbourne
  • Be available for a meet and greet in selected city – dates TBC
  • Attend a trip briefing on Zoom prior to departure
  • Assist tour leader in running the trip effectively

Trip Dates and Discounted Mentor Price

  • Help Out! Cambodia | Nov 26 – Dec 3 | $3300
  • Thrill Out! New Zealand | Dec 2 – Dec 8 | $3000

Applications close Sunday 23rd July 2023

 Mentor Application Form