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Altitude Day 2019 | yTeam Highlights

In 2019, our Altitude Day Roadshow was hosted across 11 locations, with 2,600 students impacted around Australia. Over the 9 days of impact, we had 49 of our passionate yLead volunteers help connect students and schools.

We asked some of the yTeam about their experiences and highlights throughout the two weeks. 


Being able to stand in a room of energetic young people and watch them be inspired and become aware of their abilities as a leader is my favourite part of Altitude Day! For me it taught me the importance of continually immersing myself in opportunities to be inspired and to grow! – Georgia Hayward (Toowoomba)


Walking out at the first break for Gold Coast and seeing a group of girls all from different schools sitting and eating together. It showed me what Altitude was all about. People from different schools coming together and getting to know each other. – Bronte Grancourt (Sunshine Coast)

My experience at Altitude Day was nothing short of amazing. It opened my eyes to a lot of different people’s stories and perspectives on certain aspects in life that will help me to grow as a person. The yTeam’s company gave me such a warm feeling as well through the wide variety of characters on show. My favourite quote that I took away from it was, “I will become a powerful, passionate and positive person” – George Conlon (Brisbane)


Altitude day was a truly unique experience. The buzz of energy and palpable potential you can feel in the room of so many young people coming together. Not one of their stories were the same, but the fact that we were able to create a shared experience for them to grow as the future changers of the world is truly the best ever. My favourite quote from Brisbane Altitude Day came from Yasmin. She mentioned how we become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This just makes so much sense to me, and really puts into perspective some of the relationships I have cultivated over the years. – Rosie Lennox (Gold Coast)

My 2019 Townsville Altitude Day was unreal! It’s the first time we’ve had so many yTeamer’s helping out at a Townsville Altitude Day in the few years I’ve been a part of yLead, so that was amazing! The atmosphere in the room was amazing from start to finish, and the openness from all students was extremely eye opening. Everyone had a story to tell and got the opportunity to relate to people from all over the region! My favourite quote was from Molly Steer from Straw No More: Be the mosquito, be the buzz, be the change. – Kelly McKerrow (Townsville)


One can draw empowerment, tools, skills and knowledge to utilise towards their own passion and life from someone exploring and learning through a completely different passion or career or lifestyle. If we really want to travel steadily along a path of growth and fulfillment, we must surround ourselves with like minded people to back us and support us, but we must also ensure we expose ourselves to different; different opinions, journeys, stories and approaches. You are absolutely never too old, too settled or too comfortable to require the opportunity to experience and engaged with a new perspective from another individual. – Olivia Turner (Melbourne)

Altitude Day, WOW, why didn’t I get this opportunity when I was in Year 9? I loved witnessing and helping spark excitement/passions and dream. yLead as always, truely takes my breath away and I’m so thankful to be a part of it! Every time I witness the yLead event and experience the magic that is created, it gives me hope that the world is in great hands! My favourite quote from the day was from Whitney Teluk, “Don’t be afraid to do things differently, and don’t be scared to fail.” These quotes really ground me and reassure me that maybe I am alright and doing ok things. – Joe Collins (Melbourne)


Altitude Day was an incredible day once again. It’s always amazing to be able to engage with the next generation of leaders, but also be able to sit back and listen to the amazing speakers and be able to take our own things out of the day. My favourite quotes was by Rowie, “Be a leader people look into, not up to. Let them see you living the example, which is one of excellence.” – Luke Jobson (Sydney)

Altitude Day is a day that I always try and block out in my calendar, it’s such an epic day to see Year 9’s of all backgrounds coming together and celebrating their passion, potential and zest for life. As well as learning and engaging with empowering speakers and connecting with each other. I love seeing how much it has grown over the past year, especially in Adelaide. It is so amazing to see the awkward chats at the start of the day turn into such meaningful conversations and friendships. Being a part of this nation-wide event is truly special and something I cherish being a small part of. – Grace Langley (Adelaide)


My first Altitude Days were memorable for all the right reasons. I feel so blessed having the opportunity to work with such a professional, passionate and hard-working team. I think as mentors it is easy to tell ourselves that yLead is only for the students… but it isn’t! Altitude Days provide them with the platform to become their best selves, and through this process we are reminded to reach for the stars and push ourselves too. Hearing from an array of amazing speakers was also an experience to cherish. Thank you. Sign me up for next year! – Harry Dearing (Playford)


Altitude day Perth 2019 was my first Altitude Day and it did not disappoint. Volunteering with yLead is something I thoroughly enjoy and I love the vibe the space sets for all the participants. Guest speakers are a major part of any event. yLead works hard to find the best and most relevant speakers to teach the specific age groups lessons about life and for their future. In some ways I believe the yTeamer’s almost get more out of the experience than the students, as we have been in their shoes and know what we want to get out of it. It is so great to give back to an organisation such as yLead as they gave me so much and have shaped the person I am today. – Hayley Taylor (Perth)