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ASLC 2020 – 30 years of magic

By March 6, 2020March 12th, 2020Event, Team

2020 marked the 30th year of the Australian Student Leadership Conference. ASLC is a three day experience for Year 12 students with a leadership role. It equips them with the tools to maximise their time as leaders, but also empowers them to be the best version of themselves. ASLC creates a network of extraordinary likeminded students. This year we were able to reach 367 students from 75 different schools, with the support of 40 volunteers and 7 guest speakers. 

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the impact this three day experience creates. Young leaders walk away feeling empowered, motivated and ready to make a difference within their schools and communities. To tell you all about it is some of our incredible mentors, who guide the participants through the experience, passing on advice and lessons they’ve learnt throughout their journeys.

Andreea Gavril – EMPOWERED

ASLC 2020 for me was like coming home. As a 2019 graduate, I really enjoyed my time at conference. It allowed me to make meaningful connections, step outside my comfort zone & really discover myself.


Returning to ASLC as a mentor in 2020 was without doubt an eye-opening experience that I can look back on and be proud of. Being able to ‘give back’ what I took out of conference as a student allowed me to not only be an approachable person but someone who inspires others in many ways. The energy and enthusiasm of the 2020 students was absolutely phenomenal, making the experience even better from a mentor point of view.


Krushnadevsinh Ravalji – WHOLESOME

Day 1 can be filled with nerves, self-doubt and uneasiness. As conferences moves forward and we get to day 3, we are all loving it and don’t want to leave! That’s how we should see things in life, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, use that to push us through.


The connections I’ve formed at conference are unlike any other in my life. My yTeam know me better than my own family does. The vibes and “flavour” from conference are  truly life changing and inspiring. 1 word to describe conference is metamorphic as it completely changes your world view.

Bellicia Seminiano – INSPIRATIONAL

I knew ASLC would be vastly different as a mentor instead of a participant, but I was nowhere near prepared to experience just how fulfilling it was to watch the students on conference grow and evolve over the three days. Conference changed my life last year when I was a participant, and I feel so incredibly humbled and grateful to have helped play a part in letting students have the same revelation that I came to. 2020 is my year of courage, and I am so proud of myself (and the other mentors!) for taking the leap to start off the year in the best way possible.


Conference to me is a place where you are able to be vulnerable and show your true self around other like minded people. It gives you the opportunity to make lifelong connections and have people around you that will support you for the years to come!

Leigh Schilling – UNITY

Conference this year was made special by the participants. Their attitude, openness, vulnerability and zest created such a powerful supportive atmosphere and allowed each one of them to thrive!


Huda Zamara – GRATEFUL

yLead allows students the opportunity to discover themselves within a judgment free environment. This is a truly unique experience that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The effects it has on today’s leaders is immense and substantial.

Mark Siandri – PRIVILEGED

Developing a space where young people can be their vulnerable and authentic selves allows for so much personal growth. In North Queensland students do not get this opportunity often. To watch and to help them grow at ASLC is so fulfilling.

Harley Inwood – HUMBLED

I absolutely loved the Townsville conference. In just 4 days I met some incredible people, formed pretty special connections and found a place I could call my second home.

Kelly McKerrow – EYE-OPENING

Being a part of ASLC NQ in 2020 was a mind blowing experience! All the students were so open from the beginning and all had so many stories to share! I loved every second of it and that conference will always hold a special place in my heart!


Emma Belgraver – REFRESHING

To be surrounded by likeminded, positive and zesty people, was an incredible and refreshing experience. As a mentor, i felt proud and full of passion to be by the side of young leaders at what can be a daunting but exciting time in their lives. I am still on a conference high, with new found motivation to really be authentically and unapologetically myself.

Maybelline San Juan – FUN

It was strange to be experiencing conference from a blue shirt perspective, yet knowing that everyone is a “team player” or anticipating the magic of Real Me didn’t spoil the fun. It was rewarding to have such a positive impact and set these students up for a successful final year of high school. Of course it doesn’t hurt that everyday starts with dancing to the bops that are “Magnify” and “When Love Takes Over”.

Huge thanks, gratitude and love to all our yTeam that donned the blue during conference season. Your authenticity, vulnerability and willingness to be yourself transcended to all of the participants. We couldn’t have done it without you!