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30 Years of The Australian Student Leadership Conference

By February 23, 2021March 11th, 2021Event, Schools, Team

ASLC 2021 | 30 Years of Connection, Empowerment and Magic!

Each year in January, we bring together close to 400 young leaders from across Australia in 4 different locations, in preparation for their year of leadership in their respective schools. This year, we celebrated 30 years of our hallmark event, The Australian Student Leadership Conference. Over the past 30 years the event has grown and evolved, but always has and always will be an opportunity for connection, passion and empowerment. ASLC couldn’t possibly have the impact that it does on our future leaders without the support of our yTeam, so we turned to them to reflect on this year’s 30th Anniversary Event!

Declan Baker | ASLC SEQ

The participants were absolutely amazing, they were so engaged and some of the ideas they have for their schools blew me away. Hearing from the participants in my squad, a lot of them came up to me or texted me after conference saying they gained a lot of confidence in themselves as leaders and I love that we were able to contribute to that. I think that they are all a lot more comfortable to be more authentic in who they are and they better understand the skills they have to offer as leaders of their schools. To be a part of that and to know that this group incited some real change in those students’ leadership journey just makes me so proud of all the yTeamers who were a part of ASLC 2021!

Amy Jobling | ASLC VIC

My experience with yLead has been incredibly empowering and eye opening. Having experienced my first conference as a mentor at ASLC Melbourne 2021, I am truly amazed at the way my leadership style has developed after being on the other side of conference. Whilst at my first conference I grew a lot as a leader, focusing primarily on the legacy my fellow captains and I wanted to leave behind in our community, being a mentor this year further excelled these aspirations in a way I never thought possible. Being a yTeam member allowed me to develop my leadership, in order to not only focus on becoming the best leader I could, but creating an environment, (along with the other incredible yTeamers) where future leaders could feel comfortable embracing themselves and leading to the best of their abilities. I am truly blessed to have been able to meet such amazing people throughout my yLead journey and I feel so grateful to have been able to achieve so much personal growth due to this experience.

Maybelline San Juan | ASLC SA

After such a challenging year I am so grateful for starting 2021 with 3 days of creating meaningful moments with the most gorgeous human beings.

Taleah Robinson | ASLC NQ

Conference for me was such an amazing experience to expand my leadership now that I am out of school. Coming back as a mentor was a life-changing opportunity and I am so glad I was able to witness so many young leaders growing and creating connections over 3 days.

Home, a place where you can feel truly alive. Surrounded by supportive, likeminded individuals filled with the courage and curiosity to be who they are and follow their passions. yLead is the beating heart that ignites this home with light and love, and the people in it, can feel unafraid to embrace their journey. The energy, the passion, the love, I am forever grateful to live in a home powered by the hopeful change makers of the future.

Jess Faulks | ASLC SEQ

Feba Philip | ASLC SEQ

After being part of a couple of conferences, you sort of know what you’re getting yourself into but you can never be prepared for the transformation that happens within.

ASLC SEQ 2021 holds a very special place in my heart. Despite the challenges we faced, the yLead team brought together such an incredible experience for the students. I am incredibly privileged and grateful to be part of something so beautiful. My biggest highlight would have to be seeing the impact we had on the students and the way the truely embraced the weekend. Most of all, I’m incredibly lucky to have met such incredible participants and some even more incredible yTeamers.

Josh Mitchell | ASLC VIC

ASLC is the true start to my year. I intentionally didn’t set any New Years resolutions on the 1st of Jan this year, because I knew that I had the privilege if attending Melbourne ASLC just a few weeks later, and I knew that I would be filled with new and different motivations, passions, insights and ideas. Which is why ASLC is the true start to my year, because each year that I have been lucky enough to attend it, it sets me on a trajectory for growth and success that carries me through the year better than any new years resolutions ever could. 2021 ASLC was no different. I felt beyond blessed to be able to stand in a room full of such inspiring young leaders and observe, as they too began to lay the foundations for their own paths to success. I will be forever grateful for each and ever moment I get to spend at ASLC, because watching how such a large and diverse group of people can come together, support, and empower each other is something so rare and unique, that I am truly humbled to have experienced it.

Mika Francis | ASLC SEQ

Bris ASLC 2021 was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The connection, passion, potential and love that was created in just 2 days was mind blowing. There were uncountable times where I found myself looking around at all the smiles and kind faces and feeling so overwhelmed by the true impact of what we do. I’ve realised that that feeling is what makes me feel alive.

Mark Siandri | ASLC NQ

ASLC reminded me of the importance of accountability. Whether it be to achieve a goal as a leadership team or individually. Jeremy Brockie’s quote really stuck with me. “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice.”

Danielle Reed | ASLC VIC

ASLC was an incredibly rewarding experience, where participants and yTeamers alike were immersed in a safe environment – allowing them to be vulnerable and making it a raw, authentic and meaningful 3 days. Being able to lead my own squad and watch certain participants gain the confidence they needed to exist as their true selves, was extremely fulfilling and made me feel privileged to be a part of their journey to self discovery.

I found heaps of opportunities to learn from participants despite being a mentor. The voices of students and the incoming leaders of 2021 are so powerful and voices which needs to be valued and actively listened to, as each of them have an elaborate story to share. Guest speakers Tenille and Levi gave us an incredible reminder that we don’t need to look, sound, or act a certain way to be a leader and have an impact on others. Sharing their own story, the two speakers gave students and yTeamers reassurance in their own leadership styles – granting them to confidence to continue leading with their own flairs and qualities, despite their past or their flaws.

Joe Collins | ASLC VIC

Wow! Who would have thought after the last 12 months we’d had, we would be able to pull something so incredibly empowering off like that! I am beyond grateful and proud of yLead and the entire yTeam. ASLC is seriously a turning point for any student leader. It gives them the tools and confidence to smash their final year and it makes me excited waiting and watching to see what happens next for them.

‘It’s okay and it’s brave as a leader to put your hand up and ask for help.' After the year that was, ASLC was a beautiful reminder that there is strength in numbers and strength in a collective hope for the future. The leaders of tomorrow know that embracing support and community is the way forward to a better and brighter world.

Tash Hawkins | ASLC VIC

Leigh Schilling | ASLC VIC

Coming into my fourth Melbourne conference, I was a little apprehensive about the effect that covid restrictions would have on the experience. I needn’t have worried – ASLC is all about the space that we as a team create, and all the incredible people within that space. Pandemic or not, finding and fostering connections with people – students and fellow yteamers alike – made my 2021 conference such a special experience to look back upon.

Hayley O’Connor | ASLC SEQ

The biggest highlight for me was seeing the participants develop and form connections. The amount of growth that all of them had over the two days was incredible and you could see in their faces how much they were enjoying the experience. I feel extremely grateful to have been able to be a part of their journey as the whole experience was rewarding and grounding.

Sallee Shepherd | ASLC SA 

My favourite part of ASLC was the Squad meetings, watching my whole team band together and start implementing all the skills they had learnt over the two days was super rewarding and as a mentor was such a proud moment.

Maddy Riddle | ASLC SEQ

ASLC 2021 was a conference unique to any other conference in yLead’s 30 years. Not just for the fact it was adapted but because of the incredible yTeam, it’s even more incredible participants that wholeheartedly bought in right from the beginning and the environment created in such a short period of time. To see students growing from struggling to express proper conversation at the beginning to getting up on stage and dancing in front of 100 people less than 48 hours is an incredible feat. Feedback (or feed forward as we would say) often comes at the conclusion of a conference but I’ve never seen and received so much of it at such a deep level. A major highlight was how quickly we came together as a mentor/guru team. Having the opportunity of ASLC 2021 was a chance I didn’t know I needed but one that prompted a significant shift in my life due to realising the incredible family value of yLead, how verbal my squad was in how quickly an impact had been made and the chance to stop and reflect on life at the moment.

Jack Drury | ASLC SEQ 

ASLC 2021 – WOW!! Although our conference was adapted to be two days, the energy and vibes of the participants were through the roof!! This year I was so proud of my squad because they walked into the space with confidence, an open mind and were authentic the whole way through. I feel that I inspired a bunch of incredible leaders to do great things for their schools and communities, something that I will remember for the rest of my life

Dion Gazis | ASLC VIC 

Conference this year was amazing, I loved watching how our squad grew as a group, were able to be vulnerable and formed a tight bond, with unconditional love and support for each other.

Faye Shee-Durnion | ASLC VIC 

Melbourne ALSC 2021 was an amazing time and so much fun. It was such a different experience to be returning as a mentor and not as a participant, but it gave me so much joy to watch others grow as leaders and as friends to each other over the few days that were. It’s hard to perceive what ones presence means to others in the facilitation of support, but it was clear in the moments of vulnerability that were shared, particularly on Real Me night, that ALSC is such a unique experience where everyone feels supported for who they are.

Stacy Chung | ASLC VIC 

Being a mentor this year allowed me to see conference through a completely new lens; going into it I was prepared to give my all – what I didn’t realise was just how much I’d receive back. It was an absolute privilege to witness so many shining individuals realise their own values and grow as a leader. A moment I remember quite distinctly was being asked before the closing ceremony if I was nervous for my group, but I realised that I wasn’t, simply because I was so overwhelmed with pride for them. It was so so beautiful to see genuine connections being formed and seeing the participants realise just how much worth they brought to the world.

Mikayla Corrie-Muller | ASLC SEQ 

A stand out moment for me was ungame with my squad. It was amazing to watch them open up and have those rare conversations. It was wonderful to see the progression from our first squad meeting to the final meeting. It is amazing and uniquely ASLC, where in two days you can have such meaningful relationship and experiences. Another stand out moment was talking to a girl in my squad at lunch and listening to her talk about her passion about turtles, sea life and animal rights. It was so captivating to watch her talk about something so close to her heart. It was a privilege to mentor at this conference and I am so grateful to have attended.

Paige Stansfield | ASLC NQ 

ASLC left me in awe of our young leaders and their character. A standout moment was listening to the students articulate what the colours of leadership meant to them. It’s really cool knowing that our future sits in the hands of such genuine, kindhearted people who have so much to give to the world they touch.

Harry Dearing | ASLC SA 

ASLC is humbling and inspiring, but not in a conventional sense. It’s not often that simple human interaction leaves me feeling challenged, inquisitive and amazed. By bringing together youth with untapped potential and various backgrounds, ASLC fosters an environment where bright minds come together to create waves. I can still feel the ripples…

Grace Bowles | ASLC VIC 

The biggest highlight of ASLC was watching growth of the participants and myself. It was so special to see them really solidify their visions, and gain confidence as they came to understand just how powerful the impact they have can be. This conference and the incredibly passionate and driven young leaders I got to meet gave me a lot of hope for the future. I can’t wait to see the ways they go back and change their own worlds for the better.

Colby Laspina | ASLC NQ 

ASLC taught me the value of patience, communication, and empathy. Being a mentor to 8 students was really special. I learnt that everyone found their place at different times through their yLead experience. For me, seeing them grow around each other in group meetings and sessions was testament to the courage and character of every student, both in and out of our squad.