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Creating the Leaders of the Future at ASLC

By October 16, 2023Event, Schools

The Australian Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) is not just any conference—it’s a transformative experience that empowers Year 12 leaders to make a lasting impact in their communities.

We say lasting, because leadership skills are not just handy for a successful final year in high school, but essential tools for life.

The ability to understand yourself, connect with others, work to your strengths, organise effectively, communicate clearly, and set and achieve goals are invaluable skills long after high school, as demonstrated by some of our incredible world-changing ASLC alumni.

Self-Knowledge and Self-Belief

Understanding who you are is the foundation of leadership. At ASLC, participants engage in introspective activities that help them identify their core values and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is important for building self-worth tools that are indispensable as they navigate the challenges of life.

Alumni Spotlight: Krushnadevsinh (Kano) Ravalji – Victoria ASLC 2018

Meet Krushnadevsinh Ravalji, a trailblazer in the realm of multiculturalism and inclusion.
Following his ASLC experience, Kano has gone on to become an award-winning speaker and consultant.

On how ASLC shaped his current endeavours, Kano says…

“ASLC led me to be more confident in who I am and embrace my unique self. Understanding myself was the first step toward understanding how to impact the world positively. Using my identity as a source of strength led me to work in community roles advocating for multicultural young people to be proud of their identities and start my own business where culture and leadership are its core.”

How Kano applies the leadership skills he learned at ASLC today…

“The foundational self-awareness skills I honed at ASLC are integral to my work. Whether I’m facilitating a workshop, conducting research, or giving a speech, the self-knowledge I gained at ASLC helps me lead with confidence and conviction.”

Where is Kano post-ASLC?

Kano’s post-ASLC journey is impressive. Not only has he founded Third Culture Australia, but Kano works tirelessly to challenge institutionalised racism and advocate for a more equitable world through collaborations with institutions like Australian National University and UNICEF.
Most recently, Kano was made Victorian youth Premier! As well as being honoured with multiple awards for his work, Kano is spreading his message globally, proving that self-belief can indeed be the foundation of widespread societal change.

Networking and Community-Building

Relationships matter, whether personal or professional, and ASLC provides numerous opportunities to develop these. Throughout the conference, students interact with like-minded peers and industry experts, fostering a sense of community that extends well beyond their school lives.

Alumni Spotlight: Joe Collins – Victoria ASLC 2017

From a rural background, Joe Collins has a passion for sustainable agriculture and community welfare. As such, even before joining the ranks of ASLC alumni, Joe was deeply involved in his local community.

On making and sustaining his amazing ASLC connections, Joe says…

“ASLC connections are like no other; the network of young leaders who all go on to do incredible things with their own interests and skill sets is mind-blowing. Later down the track, it has been very cool to work together across projects. It has been helpful to ask people in certain industries for their advice or knowledge on a certain topic. On top of all that, some great lifelong friendships too.”

How Joe applies the leadership skills he learned at ASLC today…

“My biggest takeaway was listening to understand, rather than listening to respond. That shifted my perception of leadership and I continue to use that lesson daily in many different circumstances. It’s made me a more effective leader in my community.”

Where is Joe post-ASLC?

Since attending ASLC, Joe has achieved remarkable milestones that exemplify community-driven leadership. There are A LOT to list! From president of development associations, secretary of sporting clubs (yes, clubs plural!), project officer at various jobs and much more.

Joe is a living testament to how the skills acquired at ASLC can be amplified into meaningful, community-level change. These days, he’s not just tending to crops, but also sowing the seeds of community spirit as a local farmer deeply committed to sustainable and inclusive practices, highlighting how leadership is, indeed, action—just as we say at ASLC.

Working to Personal Strengths

Identifying your strengths is one thing, but knowing how to leverage them is a skill in itself. ASLC teaches students how to align their natural abilities with their goals, empowering them to work smarter, not harder.

Alumni Spotlight: Alex Barnes – South East Queensland ASLC 2016

Alex Barnes is the definition of a role model for young men. He is one of the most empathetic, kind and caring people you will ever meet. Since beginning his teaching career in 2021, Alex has gone from strength to strength showcasing his leadership abilities and potential in the school setting.

Alex on how ASLC shaped his career…

“ASLC 2016 not only ignited my passion for teaching, but solidified education as the profession I want to work in. It has given me a wealth of knowledge and confidence to be able to guide and mentor our new wave of leaders.”

ASLC in three words?

“Life-changing, enlightening and transformative.”

Where is Alex post-ASLC?

After ASLC, Alex completed a Bachelor of Secondary Education at the Queensland University of Technology and is currently teaching at Murrumba State Secondary College as an English, Science, Business and Legal Studies teacher.

During his second year of teaching, Alex was appointed Head of House for one of the college’s house groups, consisting of roughly 450 students. In this role, he organised, created, and presented weekly house assemblies, putting his strengths to good use in creating an encouraging culture and boosting morale.


Whether it’s giving a school presentation or pitching an idea at work, effective communication is a universally beneficial skill. ASLC offers a safe space for participants to practice and improve their abilities.

Alumni Spotlight: Mika Francis – South East Queensland ASLC 2017

Mika Francis is an enthusiastic spirit hailing from the Sunshine Coast. Her sense of community and strength of connections are unparalleled.

Mika on how her ASLC experience shaped her decision-making…

“My time at ASLC instilled in me an unwavering inner belief and self-confidence. These have been my guiding stars in my move across the country. I learned at ASLC that it’s not just about speaking; it’s about communicating with intention, authenticity, and clarity.”

ASLC in three words?

“Empowering, fun-filled, motivational.”

Where is Mika post-ASLC?

After ASLC, Mika soared to new heights. She completed her university studies with distinction and immediately found her calling in the realm of marketing and branding. Her unique blend of effective communication skills, paired with her empathetic nature, has allowed her to connect with clients on a personal level, making her a standout in her field.

After backing herself and her passions, she made the massive leap to move cross-country to Perth. Unsurprisingly, she rose to this new life challenge with strength and balance. A testament to her belief in continuous growth and embracing change, Mika’s move shows that the foundational skills she gained at ASLC continue to play a pivotal role in her journey.

Organisation, Running Effective Meetings, and Teamwork

From organising community events to collaborating on group projects, the ability to plan, execute, and work cohesively as a team is invaluable. ASLC offers practical sessions for students to learn just that.

Alumni Spotlight: Sean Law – Victoria ASLC 2012 

Sean Law has had a diverse academic career, landing in a policy role for government. His focus in his job was greatly assisted by the efficiency and effectiveness taught at ASLC.

Sean on how his ASLC experience guided his career path…

“yLead heavily shaped my project/team management and leadership skills. I’ve found that yLead pushed and supported me to step outside of my comfort zone, which extended my abilities and made it easier to take on more challenging tasks in school, work, or community spaces. I’m adamant that I wouldn’t have been as successful in my personal and professional life if not for the skills I gained and developed in my time with yLead.”

Sean talks about the leadership skills he still applies in his day-to-day life…

“yLead has helped me drastically with public speaking and running effective meetings. yLead provided me with formulas to support the delivery of engaging and persuasive public presentations, as well as a guide for ensuring that the meetings I led ran on time and achieved their goals.”

Where is Sean post-ASLC?

During Year 12, Sean led a basketball program for young people with disabilities. He also worked with a group called the Vic SRC and was a runner up for the “Herald Sun VCE Leadership Award” for his contributions to those causes.

Driven by a passion to make the world better, Sean spent several years studying a variety of disciplines, ultimately completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in media and politics. This academic journey led him to undertake an internship at the Parliament of Australia and subsequently an internship with the Victorian Department of Education, where he now serves as a policy officer. He has remained extremely dedicated in this role, making a vital difference in the kindergarten education sector.

Goal-Setting and Action-Planning

Leadership is about vision, but it’s also about execution. At ASLC, students learn the art of setting achievable goals and drafting realistic action plans, skills that are vital in any leadership role they undertake

Alumni Spotlight: Marina Di Sipio – South East Queensland ASLC 2013 

Marina Di Sipio’s journey through various leadership roles is as impressive as it is multifaceted. A beacon of dedication in Brisbane, Marina is not only a passionate advocate for education, but has also embraced diverse opportunities because of her approach to setting and pursuing her goals.

On how ASLC shaped her endeavours, Marina tells us…

“ASLC was instrumental in teaching me the importance of having a vision and then helping me refine the skills necessary to make it a reality. Skills such as: time management, goal-setting, creating connections and more. It wasn’t just about dreaming big; it was about making those dreams actionable. The exercises we went through, the mentors we had, they all emphasised the practical side of leadership.”

On applying leadership skills learned at ASLC…  

“All those skills are required for any career, but particularly within education and managing full-time work and study, it’s been really helpful to learn how I can best utilise the time I have, learning the value of having the right people around me so I can be the best version of myself.”

Where is Marina post-ASLC?

During Marina’s tenure as a facilitator at yLead for three years, she imparted the same visioning and goal-setting skills to many young people, enriching their paths as she was once enriched.

From her formative gap year spent as an Air Force technician to her current role as a boarding school housemother, Marina is a shining example of how a strong foundation can lead to diverse and impactful accomplishments.

yLead Creates the Leaders of the Future

These young leaders are a testament to the lifelong impact that ASLC’s skills training can have, not only empowering students for their final year of high school but equipping them with invaluable tools that extend outward into broader societal contributions.
ASLC is more than a three-day conference—it’s the beginning of a transformative journey in leadership that can lead to remarkable changes and achievements well into the future.

The next ASLC is right around the corner.

We’d love your students to be there! For more information about dates and locations, head to our Events page here.