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ASLC Reunion Recap

By April 19, 2021Event, Schools, Team

Each year, yLead hosts a Reunion for ASLC participants to wrap up Term 1.

Term 1 can be daunting as a Leader; trying to navigate school work, extra curricular activities, relationships and making an impact within the school community! After launching into the year with the Australian Student Leadership Conference, students take new skills into their roles and fresh ideas with their team.

Reunion provides students with the opportunity to celebrate their Term 1 achievements, reflect on the lessons they’ve learnt and set goals for what’s to come in Term 2 and beyond.

We loved getting to share 4 Reunions over the last few weeks, with our NZ Rangatira Reunion approaching soon! It was awesome to see the Adelaide and Townsville crews via Zoom, as well as the Melbourne and Brisbane squads in person.

Check out some of the highlights from those that attended…

Reunion provided a much needed chance to reconnect with a beautiful bunch of people from ASLC – acting as a re-energiser for the term ahead, as well as a reminder of the strong community and support network that both yTeamers and participants are lucky to have. – Dani – Ave Maria College Graduate (VIC)


By far the biggest highlight of the Reunion was to reconnecting with the friends we made from the conference a couple months ago. It was so good to see everyone and to hear how their first term went and be there to listen to their stories, experiences and initiatives that they put forward as leaders of their schools. – Izak – The Springfield Anglican College (SEQ)


My highlights from the Reunion were reliving some of those ASLC vibes. There is something special about actually getting to see everyone and have those one on one chats in person. I found the Reunion a great opportunity to make deeper connections with participants that I knew well, as well as getting to know some who I didn’t get a chance to meet at conference. –Mikayla – Mary MacKillop College Graduate (SEQ)


I’d have to say my highlight was definitely dancing to “Love Takes Over” again. It was good to go back to something familiar after not seeing everyone for 3 months. Loved that we danced so hard that the AUX couldn’t handle it. – Amity – Belmont High School (VIC)

As always, Reunion didn’t fail to deliver a fantastic night of fun, smiles and learning. The enthusiasm and energy of the group was awesome, after it blew us away on conference. It was great to be reunited! – Joel – Endeavour College Graduate (SA)


A highlight for me was hearing how much the students are enjoying leadership and how proud they are of what their teams have achieved so far. – Mark – Ryan Catholic College Graduate (TVL)


One of my highlights from the Reunion was getting to see everyone again and the progress we’ve made in one term. Just hearing what everyone had done was really great to hear because we’ve been able to achieve some of our goals that we made. I just loved to hear from everyone because it had been a really long time seen I’d seen some of them. – Bella – Faith Lutheran College (SA)

One of the activities was called ‘Picasso‘ – a challenge where students were given a big image, our 2021 ASLC Booklet, and had to replicate it on a smaller scale. However, each group had their own piece of the bigger puzzle, so they had to utilise their skills of communication, collaboration and creativity to get the job done!

Check out their end results…