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Fast Four | Ben Pettingill: Blind Professional Speaker & Thrill Seeker

By July 2, 2018Event

One day when Ben Pettingill was 16 years old, he woke up having lost 98% of his vision overnight. This turn of events has allowed him to see life with #limitlessvision – the belief that one’s circumstances do not dictate the trajectory of your life’s path, but rather to live without those limitations holding you back. Ben would know, being the World Record Holder for the only blind person to have completed a Spartan Race untethered. 

“Everyone has their own set of circumstances to work through, don’t compare yours to others”

Melbournite Ben joined the team on the roadshow in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and Playford! He encouraged the students to:

  1. ASPIRE to do more and be more

  2. ACQUIRE the right people to help you get there

  3. TAKE ACTION on your goals and the things you want to achieve


This is what Ben had to share when we asked him our Fast Four questions!


What are you most passionate about?

I love seeing the belief light up in a young person’s eyes when they realise they are actually capable of achieving something they have believed was impossible. I’m passionate about proving and helping everyone believe that no matter what their circumstances are, that doesn’t dictate what their potential is or what they can achieve in life.


What action are you taking to influence change in that area?

Besides going on the epic Altitude Day Roadshow with yLead, I love visiting schools and connecting both one on one and to large groups. My mission is to inspire, educate and empower young people around Australia to see from the inside out and not let what the cannot control in their lives hold them back.


What is the greatest lesson you have learnt on your journey so far?

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not what’s on the outside. Achieving the big goals won’t always come easily, they will take commitment, courage and sacrifice.


What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Never worry about what anyone else thinks of you or believes you should be doing. Trust your own gut, and always do something you are passionate about.


Check out Ben’s website here or follow his Instagram at @benpettingill