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Cassie’s Kokoda Story

By July 29, 2015Travel

The Kokoda Trek is an adventure that is hard to describe in words. How do you begin to explain the breathtaking scenery, the importance of its history, the amazing kindness of our porters, the constant laughter and unforgettable memories our team shared and, of course, the actual track?

group trekking

I walked the Kokoda track over 10 days with eight other trekkers, including my Mum. Trekking allows you to escape from reality and dive into a part of the world which is so untouched and beautiful. It gave me the opportunity to appreciate my surroundings and discover a new part of the world. It allowed me to challenge myself and overcome hurdles I never knew I was capable of. This has inspired me to push further and see more in our incredible world.

I now have a better appreciation for how lucky we are to live in Australia. Each and everyday I learnt about the history of the Kokoda track and gained such an appreciation for the sacrifice our diggers made for our country. For that I will be ever grateful.

War cemetary


Adding to this were the incredibly kind, welcoming and friend Papuans I met along the track. It amazed me to see how content they are with living such simplistic lives in their little villages, which were so well maintained and sustained. It opened my eyes to so many things we take for granted in our homes, even the simplicity of having a running shower and not just a river crossing to bathe in.

However, my favourite part of the entire experience were the views and scenery that surrounded me day in and day out. Each day I was pinching myself and wondering if I was dreaming. Thankfully, I wasn’t! The feelings I experienced when I reached the top of the mountains or arrived at camp were feelings I will never forget.

Mountain top

I am so glad I was able to share this experience with my mum and believe it is something anyone looking for adventure must do. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list!

Cassie Moss – 20 years, Melbourne, VIC