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How we educated 7 girls by wearing a dress

By November 8, 2017Team

One Girl is an organisation fighting to overcome the statistic that over 60 million girls around the world are denied an education. Each year One Girl runs the ‘Do it in a Dress’ campaign, which sees individuals and groups complete challenges while wearing a school dress. By raising just $300, this amount can give a girl access to education for one year.


This year, yTeam legend Taylor Cross rallied the yLead community to take part. Thanks to all those that have been involved, the yTeam have currently raised enough money to educate 7 girls!


Check out some of the challenges our volunteers have completed!


Sean Law: Melbourne Half-Marathon (raised $575)

“I chose the half-marathon because it seemed like something that would be a good challenge as I had already trained for/run the half-marathon without a dress. I just wanted to do something that could raise some money for the cause as I thought it was pretty important. Education makes it possible for the children in poverty to find the stepping stones to a better life.”

**Shout out to Sean for making it on the Melbourne news in his dress!


Zoe Meredith-Brown: Multiple Sclerosis Moonlight 10km walk (raised $330)

“I picked this event because it has sadly affected one of my friend’s Mums. My friends and I all did the race together and it was an amazing night with so many funds being raised for that charity as well. The yTeam has created an insane impact for this years ‘Do it in a Dress’ campaign and I hope we can do it again soon!”


Jack Fordyce: Day of darts at Kingaroy Darts Clubs (raised $285)

“I chose this event because it is a social day, rather than competitive, and it could be used to have a little bit of fun! I also chose this as a way to reach the most people I could. Getting weird looks at the start of the day turned into great conversations with the 100 people that were playing, all asking what the dress was for.”


Xanthia Bourdaniotis & Taylor Cross: Brunch and board games (raised $300)

“Originally we had organised a group hike at Noosa National Park. Unfortunately, the rain impacted our plans. Instead, a few of us came together for brunch. While this wasn’t specifically a challenge like the hike would have been, we thought it was worth getting out there and raising awareness about the campaign. As people who have been lucky enough to go through high school and now onto university, we all agree that education is so important. Whether it was getting brunch in a dress, playing board games or even just going to the local shops, we made an effort to include the dress in our everyday lives.”



Donations are still being accepted so if you want to help the yTeam reach their goal, click here to donate!