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Dreaming Big with Barnaby Howarth

By August 11, 2021Event, Schools

Dreaming BIG with Barnaby Howarth

Our Altitude Day Roadshow travelled to Canberra, ACT, where we were joined by Barnaby Howarth, former Sydney Swans AFL player. A valued member of the yLead community, Barnaby has experienced a plethora of challenges including living with Type 1 Diabetes and suffering a stroke. His story of resilience, persistence and overcoming challenges in the face of adversity sparked inspiration in the hearts and minds of students in the room.

We asked Barnaby a few questions about what it takes to dream BIG:

What was a dream you had in high school (or Year 9 specifically)?

The only thing I wanted to do was to play in the AFL.

Can you share with us a goal that you have achieved and what it meant to you to achieve it?

I played one season with the Sydney Swans in the AFL– I was okay but didn’t try hard enough. So I made it my goal from then on, to give life the best crack I could and not be disappointed in myself if I didn’t try hard enough.

Barnaby Howarth sharing his story at Altitude Day, Canberra

"Barnaby was the most valuable speaker because he shared how he was resilient and that is so empowering to young people." - Student Testimonial

While chasing dreams there are moments of highs and lows (mountain tops and valleys if you will)… what motivates you to continue chasing that dream when you’re in the valley?

The people around me are my biggest motivation; real life relationships and face-to-face communication are far more important than people realise.

What piece of practical advice would you give to young people who want to start, or are in the process of chasing a dream? 

Don’t obsess over the big final destination, just give the small things on your plate in front of you the best crack you can, and be proud of yourself!

All dreams, big and small, are valuable. What are 5 dreams you are currently chasing?

  1. Don’t be a tool box…
  2. Look after my family
  3. Establish my podcast as something with REAL meaning
  4. Get our home renovations finished
  5. Try and help the people around me to not be tool boxes…

Check out Barnaby’s Podcast and connect with him via his website