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Dreaming Big with Jacqui Bell

By August 11, 2021Event, Schools

Dreaming BIG with Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell is a world renowned athlete from the heart of Brisbane. Jacqui is the youngest person in the world to run an Ultra Marathon on all 7 continents! Woah. Her incredible story of perseverance and resilience brought inspiration to the hearts of young people across Brisbane, showing students that with determination you can achieve what you set your mind to. We’re so grateful that Jacqui joined us on our 2021 Altitude Day Roadshow, her story truly embodies the action of ‘dreaming BIG’.

Here’s some insight into how Jacqui dreams BIG:

What was a dream you had in high school (or Year 9 specifically)?

I dreamt of being a professional tennis player, I loved all sports and found it very hard to give up playing every sport to just focus on one. I finally decided that if I wanted to have a real go at making it as a tennis player, I had to put 100% dedication into it.

Can you share with us a goal that you have achieved and what it meant to you to achieve it?

In 2019, at 24 years of age, I became the youngest person in the world to run an ultra marathon on all 7 continents. This was 250km’s or more in the Namibian Desert (Africa), Gobi Desert (China), Atacama Desert (South America, Antarctica, New Zealand (Oceania), Iceland (Europe) and the Grand Canyon (North America). This was the most almighty of goals I set for myself when I was 22 and it took a lot of work physically, mentally, emotionally and financially to make this happen. It showed me that we really can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Jacqui speaking with a student

Jacqui on stage at Brisbane Altitude Day

While chasing dreams there are moments of highs and lows (mountain tops and valleys if you will)… what motivates you to continue chasing that dream when you’re in the valley?

I set myself a goal and I find a way to achieve it. It is inevitable that there are going to be obstacles, if there isn’t then the goal or dream is too easy! I always find a way to get through or around the obstacle and if I am persistent and consistent in my work I know I will get there. The only person who holds us back from achieving things is yourself.

What piece of practical advice would you give to young people who want to start, or are in the process of chasing a dream? 

JUST START! START NOW! Forward momentum always helps me. I never know exactly where to kick things off but when I begin breaking the goal down into actionable tasks and a to do list and start ticking things off it I find that I am moving in the right direction.

All dreams, big and small, are valuable. What are 5 dreams you are currently chasing?

Five dreams I’m currently chasing are:

  1. To win the 3 ultra marathon races I am competing in this year.
  2. To book out my next two Run Escape Retreats with maximum guests.
  3. To land a few sponsors that I have been trying to get for a few years.
  4. Read more books! – 10 in the next 6 months.
  5. Sleep more – minimum 8 hours every night.

You can connect with Jacqui Bell on Instagram or via her website