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Fast four with Brent Reilly – Former AFL Player

By June 13, 2017Event

Imagine being one of the 4% of players that play 200 AFL career games! Brent Reilly, former Adelaide Crows player, hit 203 games before his life changed in 2015 after receiving a devastating knock to the head, rendering him hospitalised and forced to retire from the game he loved. 

“Channel a growth mindset, even when times get tough. It is what it is.”

Check out some of Brent’s career highlights here!

yLead was fortunate enough to have Brent come to not one, but TWO Altitude Days in Adelaide and Playford. When we sat down with him these were some of the messages he wanted to pass on.


What are you the most passionate about?

My purpose is to help people be the best they can be, but in particular in the field of sport. Being involved in a sporting team is a real passion.


What action are you taking to influence change in that area?

I am in the process of developing a resilience in sport program that I would like to take to elite and community sport.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt on your journey so far?

To have a great support network behind you, which will help with your decision making and in making the right choices. Everyone is resilient, but having and knowing the skills that’s in my program, will build your backpack of resources in times of adversity.


Your top piece of advice for Year 9 students?

Find your purpose in life. It will help guide you to a flourishing life and bring on more positive emotions.

Have a growth mindset. Embrace a challenge, see effort as a pathway to success, learn from criticism and learn from new information and approaches.

That it’s ok to make a mistake. Find meaning on why you made the mistake and it will help you grow and benefit from that mistake.

Most of all keep being positive, it’s fine to feel negative (it’s normal), but how can you turn that negative into a positive situation?

yLead and all who hear it love Brent’s story as it shows resilience, determination, and an ability to remain positive in times when others would have given up. We thank Brent for passing on his story to the students of South Australia and beyond!