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Fast four with Sophie Weldon – Director of Humankind Enterprises

By June 26, 2017Event, Media

Everyone has a story. Sophie Weldon realised the impact one story can have after becoming friends with a former refugee called Adut. Sophie and Adut became Australia’s first Youth Representatives for the UN Refugee Agency and Sophie’s passion for story telling was born. Check out the animation they created for the UNHCR here. Sophie realised that recording and archiving stories can create more empathy and connection amongst the Australian population. 

“Enabling great connections to happen.”

The students at Melbourne Altitude Day were able to hear the story of Adut, and how Sophie has now created Humankind Enterprises in order to capture and share the stories of so many others.


This is what Sophie had to say when we asked her our Fast Four questions!


What are you the most passionate about?

The power of stories to connect and transform people.

What action are you taking to influence change in that area?

We train young people to become Story Collectors so they can connect with new people in their community, learn life skills and make a change. We also have the StoryPod video booth which travels around to different communities and records people’s stories. 

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt on your journey so far?

My grandma used to tell me ‘The heart is the heart of the matter’. I learnt from her that the world is changed through small acts of kindness and that our compassion is our greatest weapon.

Your top piece of advice for Year 9 students?

If I could talk to my 14 or 15 year old self, I would say ‘You are enough’. When you’re young you feel you have to constantly be doing, achieving and competing but inside you don’t feel not pretty, smart, creative or funny enough. Learn to love your strengths and don’t let your weaknesses define you. I think the point of life is not to be successful and then die – it is about learning to love yourself along the way. 

Thanks so much to Sophie for sharing her passion for story telling at Melbourne Altitude Day! We love her message of inclusion and understanding through stories. The Humankind Enterprises website has heaps of interesting articles and posts to check out… it’s been added to our favourites section!