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Celebrating International Friendship Day with the yTeam

By July 31, 2020Team
Always Better Together

It’s no secret that here at yLead we attract people of all different backgrounds; we’re big believers that anything is possible when you have the right people to support you and time and time again. We are constantly blown away by the strength and connection amongst our community! To celebrate International Friendship Day this year, we reached out to a few of the many friendships formed through yLead to ask what their key tips to a great friendship would be… here’s the result:

1. Listen to your friend’s need in the moment and respond accordingly! Being adaptable in the support that you offer your friends is so important, because they won’t always need the exact same thing! – Tash Hawkins | VIC yTeam

2. Know that you have a pantry of friends… when you feel like something sweet, you reach for a cookie but if you’re feeling savoury, then it’s something (or someone) else. It is okay to have different friends for different reasons. Your social friends are the people you love hanging out with and letting your hair down alongside. Your long-term friends are the ones that no matter how long it’s been, you know they will always be there for you – they are your biggest cheerleader. Some friends pop into our world for a short time and that is great too! – Bel Yorston | yLead Team

3. A great friendship is formed by being honest and open with each other. Keep each other grounded but also be the one there to pack their parachute with them. – Eliot Fenton | NZ yTeam

4. Be okay with having periods where you don’t have much contact with friends, but make the effort to pick back up where you left off when you can. – Lucy Gregg | yLead Team

Group of Smiling People

5. If you are needing to have a big, maybe even uncomfortable, conversation or rant to your bestie about something, make sure to check in with them to see if they have the mental space to handle that conversation! This way no one gets burnt out and the friendship can remain helpful and empowering. Most importantly, remember to balance out those convos with some banter and light hearted conversation. – Zoe Meredith Brown | yLead Team

6. You have to be honest. Honesty is a huge backbone of any relationship in any context. If you can be honest with each other then I feel like it will mitigate any future problems that may arise. I know if I am having a bad day or struggling or whatever it might be, that I can be honest with my bestie and she will be there for me in whatever capacity that I might need in that time. – Tay Cross | QLD yTeam

7. Don’t force yourself into connections just because you might have had them for a while. For example, if your high school friends are no longer serving you, don’t be afraid to move away to find other people who you enjoy spending time with. Friendships are energies and when your energies align, you know you have a keeper. They’re people who push you, make you laugh, and will be there for you no matter what or how much time has passed. – Amy Parsons | yLead Team

8. It’s as simple as having complete honesty and open communication – Matt Ambrose | yLead Team

9. Be present.  Consciously seek fun.  If the long-term joy does not outweigh the pain, it’s not worth it. – Rory Dennis | QLD yTeam

10. Listen more than you talk and make time to understand how they’re feeling or thinking. Sometimes we know the least about the people we are closest to – don’t be afraid to ask questions that are different or a little bit tough! – Izzy Gardener | yLead Team