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Happy International Volunteer Day!


Here at yLead, we mean it when we say that we would not be able to operate without our incredible yTeam. Today we celebrate their power, potential and passion and the important role that they play in our impact across Australia and New Zealand.

The United Nations have chosen volunteering for an inclusive future as this year’s theme, advocating for equality through inclusion. Not only does volunteering provide an opportunity for people from all walks of life to explore different pathways, but also an opportunity to give back and grow their communities by offering both time and skills.

In 2019 we have been lucky enough to have 277 members of our yTeam volunteer a collaborative 4,732 hours with us… INSANE! To get a bit of an insight into the yTeam community, we asked a few of our yTeamers from across Australia to share their volunteering experiences.

Check out what they had to say:

Paige says…

“I love being part of an organisation that impacts and empowers so many young people. Not only is it a place for them to grow, it’s a place to challenge and improve myself. I really enjoy volunteering for an organisation where you can be so openly vulnerable and authentic.

This year particularly, volunteering has taught me how powerful we can be when we trust in one another. It’s cheesy, but team work really does make the dream work. When everybody takes small actions, we have a big impact. I’ve learnt that it not only goes for getting jobs done, it helps in making meaningful connections and conversations.”

Leigh says…

“Volunteering has shown me a lot about myself by forcing me to step out of my comfort zone. I’m not a naturally outgoing person, but seeing the impact I can make each time I’m with yLead helps me to overcome some of my more natural tendencies and become a better person. For me, volunteering means being a part of something because of its intrinsic value. The impact of volunteering is always two-way!”

Jobbo says…

“Volunteering has taught me that there are so many different ways to make an impact wherever you go. Everywhere can benefit from volunteering, and you leave a bigger impact than you think sometimes.”

Joe says…

“Volunteering has taught me the reward of selflessness; giving with the expectation of nothing in return, the world would be a better place if everyone felt that way.”

Angie says…

“Volunteering has taught me the art of selflessness and service. It’s given me the opportunity to allow young people to experience the wonders of yLead and show them how to unleash their potential to their best self.Volunteering is such a humbling experience and has allowed me to give back to a community that has given me so much.”

Sean says…

“Volunteering has taught me how much difference one person can make in their community. I’m a true believer that if everyone donated time to their community, our world would be a much better place.

When volunteering I always think of the concept of Ubuntu which sort of translates to “I am, because we are”. If you’ve never heard of it, I’d strongly recommend reading about it. The way I think of it is that whenever I volunteer in the community and provide something for someone else, I also benefit from that experience and benefit from the improvement in the general community.”

Again, we can’t thank our yTeam enough for all that they do for us, big and small! Whether it’s driving two hours (crazy, right?!) for an in school program, flying interstate (or crossing the Tasman Sea) for our Australian Student Leadership Conference, or taking the day off work to spend their time with us, we are so thankful for their hard work, commitment and support of both each other and yLead!