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The Pursuit of Passion with Jack Jensen

By November 30, 2022December 6th, 2022Event, Schools

Our 2022 Rangatira conference gathered 98 students for three immersive days of leadership development, and connection with self and others. Across Rangatira, these student leaders were encouraged and equipped with skills, tools, and support for their Year 13 leadership journey. 

It was an honour this year to share the Rangatira stage with Hawkes Bay legend, past Rangatira participant, content creator, and lover of life,  Jack Jensen, CEO of MSFT Productions. Students were empowered by his stories and drive to create and impact through his purpose and passion. 

We invited Jack to share more about his purpose and passion in life, here’s what he had to say: 

Photographs from MSFT Productions and Rangatira Conference 2022.

We know that purpose can be found within our passions and values. What are your biggest passions, and 3 key values you live by?

First of all, helping people, I believe there’s nothing more powerful than helping each other. Secondly, ‘sending it’, this means getting out there and living life to the fullest by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable challenges. Lastly, having fun, your vibe attracts your tribe. The people you surround yourself with will feed the fun you’ll have. Followed by the three values of genuineness, positivity and passion, these things are huge components of myself, and MSFT’S too!

At Rangatira we spent time reflecting and crafting our own purpose statements to hold and take with us along our leadership journey. A large part of what our purpose statements are based upon is the passions that we each have in life. A lot of young people are still searching for their passion, and oftentimes put a lot of pressure on the discovery of passion. What advice do you have for young people to find what it is they are passionate about and should pursue in their life to create purpose?

I know there’s a lot of pressure around finding your passion as a young person. In your twenties and teens, have fun, travel the world, create stories, make mistakes – and learn! Take the pressure off yourself and find the things that you have the most fun doing, or that you’re most drawn to over time. There are so many opportunities to be whatever you want to be these days. Be open minded and optimistic in every situation and with every opportunity you take!

Sometimes in leadership we can get consumed with the ‘What’ and forget the ‘Why’ of what we’re doing. Have you ever lost track of your purpose in your work? How did you overcome this challenge/reactivate your purpose in action?

I don’t think I’ve ever lost my purpose to be fair. I’m a visual person, so I’ve got notes all around me for the times when I might feel a bit angsty or off track, I go back to these visual reminders of my purpose and why I do things. I’ve learnt through those times to trust the process and continue to work through the challenges, there’s always more that can be done! The thing that will separate you from other people who want to be in your situation is your willingness to do whatever it takes when you face your setbacks. Resilience is key to be able to take challenges on, stay positive and ask, “What can I do differently?”

The thing that will separate you from other people who want to be in your situation is your willingness to do whatever it takes when you face your setbacks.

Jack Jensen

As we grow and evolve, so do our passions, values, and purpose. What has your Pursuit of Purpose looked like over the years? Has it changed? Or stayed the same?

It has definitely evolved! MSFT’S from the get-go has had the slogan, “Spreading the froth”. From my perspective, the definition of froth is good vibes, good energy, and spreading positivity to as many people as we can. The reason behind this was to help people.

Then in 2020, one of our MSFT crew took his life, this  unfortunate tragedy made us understand that people need to be helped on another level.  Our purpose jumped from filling people with froth to live life and send it, to jump to the point of savings lives. This was the most humbling experience to transition to a deeper level of spreading the froth, and that’s also where ‘Spark that chat’- was born. I recognised that topics like mental health need to be talked about, we need to spark those chats, and normalise the conversation that it’s all good to have a shit day, just as long as you know you’re loved and valued by your friends and family.

If you, or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Lifeline:
AUS: 13 11 14  |  NZ: 0800 543 354

What are 2-3 things people can be doing on the daily to spark the chat and support those around them?

  1. Do what makes you happy and do as much of it as you can! For me that’s connecting with nature and exercise. Getting your body moving can really drown out those bad thoughts
  2. If you’re in a good place, and you genuinely feel like you are, then it’s doing the reaching out. Give your mate a call, reach out to them. If they pop into your head, pick up the phone and call them then and there, if they don’t answer call again later. I know how far it goes when one of your mates calls. That is the most cool and selfless thing you can do, and it can work in the most powerful way.
  3. Connecting with people. If you’re not good, then reach out to someone who loves you, I know that’s a big one, but be in a safe place to connect with someone.

Check out Jack’s latest adventure with MSFT Productions via their Website, Instagram and Facebook