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Schoolies take celebrations overseas

By November 28, 2014Travel

The Class of 2014 is shaping up to be the most adventurous group of schoolies yet, with record numbers heading overseas for cultural experiences and volunteering holidays.

Although the Gold Coast has accommodated around 45,000 students this week alone, data released by Student Flights shows massive growth in school-leavers heading overseas instead of taking the traditional path.

Understandably, school-leavers are looking for unique ways to celebrate the end of their schooling life. Island destinations, such as Vanuatu and Fiji, have increased in popularity by approximately 40 – 50% since last year. However, it’s the community-oriented adventures that are becoming even more popular. This year the number of school-leavers choosing to volunteer in places such as Cambodia and Africa has skyrocketed by 120%!

These statistics come as no surprise to yLead as the demand for our Ultimate Schoolies Alternatives grow. Tomorrow, 14 school-leavers will depart Australia for our inaugural ‘Help Out’ schoolies trip where they will spend a week exploring Cambodia and volunteering at a local community school.

Marnie Hungerford, one of the school-leavers choosing a volunteering adventures says, “I chose yLead’s Help Out schoolies alternative because I wanted to experience something new and give back to the world. Help Out gives you the opportunity to help people in need, gain knowledge and learn life lessons which I think is more valuable then going to the Gold Coast”.

Which path will you choose?

Still undecided about how you want to celebrate the end of school? Keep track of all the adventure and excitement of this year’s Ultimate Schoolies Alternatives via the yLead Travel Facebook or Instagram. If you already know you want to take the adventurous path and head overseas, check out our range of trips here:

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