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Why travel makes you a better leader

By September 5, 2014Travel

Travelling overseas tends to sit at the top of the bucket list for many young Australians. Whether it be hiking the Inca trail in Peru, getting lost in the back streets of Venice or watching the sunrise over the Taj Mahal, the desire to travel tends to grow in all of us as we hit our late teens and transition into our twenties.

Whilst the reasons we travel are ample, not many of us pack our bags and set off to explore the world in hope of becoming a better leader. However, experiences overseas can change perspectives, grow confidence and develop important life skills allowing you to realise your true leadership potential.

Travel challenges you

When travelling abroad, stepping outside your comfort zone is unavoidable. For some it may simply be staying in a dodgy backpackers lodge, whilst for others it may be seeking new experiences wildly different from anything they have experienced at home (after all that is why most of us travel). Without home comforts and familiarity there is often no choice but to rise up and discover what you are capable of. As scary as it can be, it’s also incredibly rewarding and positively exhilarating.


Travel forces you to be resourceful

Whether it be living on a tight budget, figuring out how to navigate your way around the back streets of a foreign city or over coming a language barrier, travel teaches you how to be resourceful. Maybe you aren’t able to speak the language, well then you have to find another way to communicate. Sometimes this means charades, a language dictionary or a willingness to look ridiculous, which ever it may be you’ll gain a new life skill.

Travel broadens your horizons

Travel allows you to think beyond your borders. It opens your eyes to a new world, a different culture, a new language, strange cuisines, and differing day to day life. There is so much to be learned from exploring the world! What we learn gives us a willingness to explore new opportunities, to open our minds to new possibilities. Our perspectives on life become challenged and the box we were once confined to begins to break down. To have greater perspective and the willingness to explore, are the foundations for a great leader. It is the willingness to do something that has never been done before that will lead to greatness. So who knows where life can take you… unless you’re willing to go there!


So what’s on your bucket list?

If you want to challenge yourself on Kilimanjaro, trek the Kokoda trail, conquer a fear of heights in New Zealand, broaden your perspective by volunteering in Cambodia or simply become a better leader then check out the range of adventures yLead has to offer young people.

Emma, yLead’s Travel Specialist!