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Your weekend bucket list sorted!

By August 8, 2017Team, Travel

Is your calendar staring blankly at you with nothing scheduled for the weekend? Or you’re looking for something new to try because people are starting to think you live at your fave spot (you know every item on the cafe’s menu). Maybe you just need a breather from the books this weekend.


Well we’ve got you sorted, and better yet we’ve got every state sorted!! (I mean that’s a lie, but almost every state – we’ve got NZ in there, that counts for double right?)



-If you’re spending your weekend down south and the sun has made a rare appearance through the clouds, take a road trip down the less explored south east coast. If you find your way to the Peninsula Hot Springs you know you’ve hit the right place. Make your way through hot mineral pools, cold pools and even a Turkish Bath! If you’re like me and think baths are as underrated as the Black Eyed Peas then you’ll get around a day here!

-But if soaking in a pool with a bunch of random people isn’t quite your jam (fair enough) but you still want to hit up the Mornington Peninsula, head up Arthur’s Seat for a) epic views b) awesome fish and chips c) the Enchanted Adventure Garden. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a place for 7 year olds to go on their school holiday, but trust me when I say you’ll have a good time on the tube slide, the maze (which is totally just as hard for adults), as well as the treetops ropes course. One word of warning… don’t be fooled by the ‘Nippers’ treetops course, thinking it’s a better way to spend your money – it’s for kids only (yes, it was me that was fooled, just ask Marina or NZ yTeamer Kendra).


South Australia:

-Looking for a cool way to spend your night? Check out Adelaide’s Porch Sessions. Founder Sharni Honor spoke at our SA Altitude Day! Chill out amongst fairy lights and persian rugs listening to cool jams with your friends. Check out their website for which location they’re popping up next, or interstate people just head to their Instagram to swoon over their aesthetically cool pics and plan your next trip down.

-Or maybe you’re a little bit hungry and are living life with the #treatyoself mantra. Bread & Bone is your go to! You’ll need to go back more than once to try all the different burgers, hot dogs and ribs. Yum, ok now I’m drooling and I didn’t even get to the milkshakes!

-Better yet, head into the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to check out the lily pads… those things are huge! Legit, just go for the lily pads… you won’t regret it.


New South Wales:

-You’re in the city of notorious landmarks and the Bondi lifeguards… speaking of Bondi, check out the Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk. You not only get a glimpse of the infamous lifeguard tower, but your eyes get treated to a whole heap of landscape goodness.

-Fancy hitting the markets where you can get funky knick knacks AND knitted jumpers for your dog?? Look no further than Glebe Markets. The perfect mix of eclectic goods and best yet, it’s on every Saturday!

-I never knew I needed this in my life until I had it… the perfect falafel! I bet you didn’t realise you need it either, but my eyes have been opened all thanks to a shop assistant handing out free samples. To have your falafel world rocked, head to Sabbaba on level 5 of the Westfield Shopping Centre in the city.


South Queensland:

-Ah you get to be up north for the weekend in the state that rarely sees a temperature below 12 degrees (sorry Melbourne peeps). Soak up some rays in the Mount Cootha Botanical Gardens. You won’t even know which environmental zone you’re in as you make your way through rainforests, a Japanese Garden, cacti, and the Instagram-worthy dome of tropical goodness. You can spend hours walking through or getting your picnic on (but you can also spend hours trying to find your way back to the carpark). If you’re feeling so inclined you can even back up this visit with a walk up to the Mt Cootha lookout for views across Brisbane (and a chance to catch your breath after that walk).

-Maybe you’re in the mood for a relaxing morning, laze about in bed and then make your way to a trendy cafe for a cool brunch. New Farm is the place to be, you trendy hipster you. Little Loco and Miss Jones know how to make a meal worthy of your ‘gram, but more importantly worthy of your belly! Did I hear someone say Eggs Benedict on waffles??


North Queensland:

-If a hike’s what you’re looking for, head to Kemp Hill at Yeppoon. You’ll already be sweaty from the tropical climate, a little bit of physical exercise won’t hurt! yTeamer Marnie Hungerford says you’ll be set for killer views!

-Need a bite when you’re in Rockhampton? Headricks Lane and Pacinos are what the locals recommend! Headricks Lane has all your breakfast desires covered… Fancy some eggs? They’ve got you covered. Want some buttermilk hotcakes with bacon? You can count on that too! While Pacinos has an eye-boggling huge menu that’s sure to accommodate any kind of craving!

-Marnie also suggested driving around the Rockhampton (a.k.a. Beef Capital of Australia) streets and counting all the bull statues… I’ll leave that one up to you.


Western Australia:

-You’ve found yourself in the state where the largest property is bigger than Belgium as an entire country! Now that your mind’s been blown, you may need to walk it off in Kings Park.

-Or if you want to transition from a tree landscape to the sea, head down to Hillarys Boat Harbour, which yTeamer Georgia McAlpine recommends for a sunny day!


New Zealand:

yTeamer Isobel Pepper should be employed by the NZ Tourism Board for such a descriptive insight into Wellington activities. If you happen to be over the ditch in the land of the long white cloud, definitely hit her up as your tour guide! If you’re greeted with a nice summer day Issy recommends a boat cruise around the harbour “in the evening when the sky is pink, and bring a platter and wine”… I told you she sells it!

-Or if you’re squeezed for time “just the authentic Wellington experience; wandering down Cuba Street in the dusk, popping into some of the galleries along the way, stopping in at some place with the best burgers in the city or Hannah’s laneway, then walking along to Oriental Bay finishing the evening with Fix and Fogg ice cream at Kafe Eiss“. Issy’s got a way with words, but I know I’m sold!


Well there you have it… Our weekends are now full for the next 4 months, plus our flights are booked to all the other states too!

Be sure to post your weekend adventure on your social medias and tag @ylead so we can see what you got up to! (As well as feeling #fomo we couldn’t join in!)