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Why should you join the yTeam?

The yTeam are a group of like-minded, diverse young leaders that connected with yLead through various experiences. They jump at the opportunity to volunteer at our events and experiences, giving countless hours of time and commitment. Our yTeam support the yLead team at our Australian Student Leadership Conferences around Australia, the Rangatira Student Leadership Conference in New Zealand, our In School programs, Altitude Day, travel experiences, as well as many other opportunities and social engagements throughout the year!

At yLead we believe that the greatest power is when people come together and unite towards a common vision. Our yTeam is the living, breathing embodiment of our value ‘Together has Power’. Through their dedicated service, our yTeam provides energy, ideas and passion which assist in empowering the next generation of leaders.

We asked our yTeam: Why do they keep coming back to yLead?… and why should YOU be a part of it!

It’s such a privilege to be part of a team of like-minded people, because we are all continuously learning, growing and side by side, cheering each other on. By joining the yTeam you’ll be part of our family and will be helping to make magic and spread positivity.

– Maybelline San Juan (SA yTeamer)

Because this organisation changes lives, helps young people to recognise their potential and the culture yTeam has created means that everyone can be unapologetically themselves. To continue to be a part of the change that is needed in the world today. The yTeam gives us the ability to serve others in a way that significantly impacts lives. The impact may be big or small, but it matters all the same.

– Joe Walding-Karaitiana (NZ yTeamer)

Everyone who is a part of yLead knows it is difficult to describe the energy in a room to someone who has never experienced it. yLead transforms a simple room into a home that is accompanied by an electric energy. This energy is generated by the people within this “home”, using their enthusiasm to bring out the particular gifts each individual have within them, and make sure they are all celebrated. yLead help you see yourself from different angles, allowing you to grow and become not just a better leader but a better person all together. I believe everyone should experience this energy at least once, it will take that one time for you to fall in love with the way you feel about yourself when you are with these people, and this is why I keep coming back.

–  Molly May (VIC yTeamer)

I keep coming back to yLead as I enjoy encouraging individuals to be the best versions of themselves. I believe the impact an individual can have on another individual is huge and to have the opportunity to connect with so many students, other yTeamers and speakers through inspiring sessions is an incredible experience. I also love the positive, empowering environment which the students and other yTeamers create throughout sessions.

– Ash Bamford (NSW yTeamer)

I’m part of the yTeam because they’re a family who are always there. They care about me more than I do. Their love is unconditional. Some of my best friends were created through yLead. They’re there when you knock over domino, and they support you to create a plan to pick up the rest. They are there for a cup of tea or a chat over the Bluetooth car speaker. The yTeam inspire me. They believe in me. But most of all, they get me and they understand me like no one else.

– Bridget Muir (WA yTeamer)

I keep coming back to the yTeam because of the environment that yLead is able to be able to create in any given space. The instant connection that I always seem to feel in the company of like-minded people (students and yTeamers!) is infectious. If you value deep connection and feeling as though you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, the yTeam is a perfect fit for you!

– Leigh Schilling (VIC yTeamer)

The reason I come back to yLead is because the amount of good they do in this world. yLead impacts so many people and does so much good. I really love being a small part of that, in helping the world be a better place.

– Billy Brennan (QLD yTeamer)

It is amazing to see the growth of the next generation of young leaders through the yLead sessions. Being able to share that with like-minded, incredible people who are all using their unique skills and qualities to impart knowledge on young leaders is always a highlight for me. It’s also amazing to be able to sit in on these sessions and learn new things yourself, things that you have not thought about. If learning, growing and positively impacting young leaders is something you enjoy, you absolutely should join the yTeam.

– Luke Jobson (NSW yTeamer)

yLead creates such an amazing and positive environment that includes everyone. Each time I come back to a yLead experience, I am always learning something new which is amazing whether it’s an aspect of being a leader or a personal thing about myself. It really helps you find out who you are. You should really join the yTeam if you want some good vibes and positive energy.

– Michael Prentice (QLD yTeamer)

I keep coming back to the yTeam because they are such a supportive, likeminded group of incredible people. Even if you don’t know every single yTeam member, they are all so warm and friendly that it feels like you’ve been friends with them forever! I think it’s totally normal to go through friendship changes as you move through high school and uni, but I am so so grateful that my yLead friends have stuck with me through everything in the last 3 years. yTeam are a group of so many incredible individuals and I am constantly inspired by so many of them each day. A chance to join the yTeam should absolutely not be overlooked!

– Molly Raynor (WA yTeamer)

The yTeam is made up of people from a range of schools, backgrounds, ages and experiences. Not everyone becomes a yTeamer immediately after graduating school. Some people join the yTeam after experiencing conference, others may have participated in a yLead In School program then decide to return after a few years out of school. We love welcoming new people into the yTeam community, with each person bringing a range of skills and strengths to the team!

Join our team and help us empower the next generation of leaders HERE!