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yLead Year in Review | 2020

Celebrate 2020 with us by reading our ‘yLead Year in Review’

2020 was the fight we never saw coming and the movement we never knew we needed. Together we learnt the uncompromisable strength of our community, the power of our work, and that anything really is possible, and for that I will be forever grateful!– Bel Yorston | yLead CEO.

Our 2020 Year in Review is an amazing culmination of yLead’s year, including our REACH numbers, a summary of our IMPACT days and events, and an acknowledgement of our village (volunteers, guest speakers, partners, schools and suppliers).
As leaders we look at ways we can build strategies and processes that will stand long after we are gone. Bel is very proud to produce our first ever published Year in Review. We invite you to share in our celebration and learnings as you read through, welcoming you to pass on any feedforward to or Bel direct on

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