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yTeam Superstar: Harry Dearing

By March 19, 2019Team

Name: Harry Dearing

Age: 22

School & grad year: Trinity College Senior, 2014

yLead involvement: I attended the Adelaide ASLC in 2014 and started volunteering for yLead in 2019 at multiple schools in SA.


A: Hey Harry! You were a student at Adelaide ASLC in 2014, but have only just come back to wearing the blue as a yTeamer this year. Tell us about what you’ve been doing all this time? 

H: I finished high school and went on to complete a Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management. Fresh from my degree I landed a job in Singapore and spent 2018 taking students from all over the world on environmentally focused field trips around SE Asia.


A: Woah, that’s so epic! Asides from work, what else do you love filling your time with?

H: I love to to make my own adventures by taking short road trips and cooking without recipes as I love surprising myself when it works out perfectly.  I also enjoy hiking and playing volleyball on the beach! 🙂


A: For all those that haven’t met you yet, describe yourself in 3 words…

H: Cuddly, fearless, happy


A: They’re pretty great words. After all those years of being away, what made you want to come back and be a volunteer for yLead?
H: After gaining some solid experience after school, both personally and professionally, I felt like I was in a place where I could truly offer some meaningful advice as a mentor.

I also realised that what makes me happy is inspiring other and yLead provides the perfect environment to fulfil such aspirations. 


A: At the start of each year, the yTeam sets themselves a #19thingsin2019 list… if there is one thing you must do in 2019, what is it?

H: Stop biting my nails!


Speed round:

Favourite food – A veg pizza with a generous amount of pickled artichoke on it
Favourite band/artist – Musicals
Holiday destination of choice – Taiwan
Actor that would play you in a movie of your life – Only I can do me!
Secret talent – I can’t twist my tongue 🙁