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yTeam Superstar: Jessica Faulks

By November 12, 2020Team

Name: Jessica Faulks

Age: 18

School & grad year: Mt Alvernia College, Class of 2019

yLead involvement: Attended SLC in 2019 as a participant and became an ASLC conference mentor at the start of 2020

Favourite quote: ‘You don’t need to know all of the answers, you just need to be courageous enough to take the first step and trust where it leads’ – Bronnie Ware

A: Jess! You are fairly new to the yTeam, having only graduated last year. Tell us how you met yLead and what it was that made you want to come back and volunteer.
J: I first met yLead in 2019 at SLC down in Sydney as the newly appointed vice captain of Mt Alvernia. I entered the conference scared and slightly unsure of my abilities and what it meant to be a leader. Almost two years later I look back on that experience and realise that yLead planted a foundational seed inside of me that began to flourish over my year as a school leader. The welcoming smiles by the mentors in blue, the powerful conversations and invaluable connections made between participants and the advice and encouragement provided by the yTeam helped nourish this seed. When the opportunity to come back and be a mentor to new aspiring leaders in our community I had to jump at the opportunity! Not only did I want to continue to grow my love for leadership, but I also wanted to be part of a team that plants the seeds to inspire change and growth.


A: Outside of yLead, what do you like to fill your time with?
J: I just finished my first year of uni where I studied a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Digital Media. However now that I have a better understand of life after study I hope to add Business marketing or PR into the mix. Other than study I love to keep active, wether it’s participating in social touch footy, swimming or walking my doggo. I also love to be creative and express myself through my blog, art projects or cooking something new. it’s about the memories and time that you get to facilitate with the family and their baby no matter how long or short their life is, its unbelievably precious.


A: For anyone that hasn’t met you before, describe yourself in 3 words.
J: I am kind, courageous and inclusive

A: 2020’s been a big year, lots of things have been taken away but also new opportunities. What’s something you’re grateful for or have been able to do this year?
J: Leaving school, wide eyed and bushy tailed, I had all of these extravagant plans to begin my life in the real world. I traveled to New York with my family for Christmas which was one of the most special, surreal experiences as I felt a passion that grew within that city, one that inspired me for my year ahead. However as we all know 2020 turned out like nothing any of us expected. Our world faced a sudden disconnect and divide that shifted the way in which we live our day to day life. But it is in these moments of uncertainty that being adaptable and staying positive can get you through. I am grateful that I had the support of the yTeam to be there when times were tough, stay connected with one another through many Zoomies and be adaptable to change. I am so grateful that I can still be provided with opportunities to volunteer with yLead and motivate students to discover that leadership is still possible even in 2020, when we need it most.


A: What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learnt from yLead that you would pass on to others?
J: Say yes to every opportunity and just be yourself! By taking on a new challenge or following a new path you get to experience things you never thought possible. By being authentic and embracing the journey, a new unknown potential within you can flourish.


Speed round:

Favourite food – Sushi
Favourite band/artist – Ziggy Alberts
Holiday destination of choice – dreaming of Hamilton island
Actress that would play you in a movie of your life – Anne Hathaway
Secret talent – I once held a wall handstand for 1 minute