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yTeam Superstar: Kenn Wylchi Santos

By April 27, 2018Team

Name: Kenn Wylchi Santos

Age: 22

School: Shailer Park State High School, Class of 2013

yLead involvement: 2013 Brisbane ASLC conference, 2013 Thrill Out, 2017 Brisbane Altitude Day, 2017 Tanzanian Immersion

Favourite quote: Be so good they can’t ignore you


A: Hey Kenn! After being an ASLC participant and Thrill Out Schoolies attendee, you headed to uni and now you’ve made the return to the yTeam! What is it about yLead that you find so valuable?

K: yLead is a family – and like any family, it gives me the support and encouragement to keep pushing forward even when times get tough. Moreover, this family allows me to help and empower others, based on the very same values I was fortunate enough to learn from it


A: You just went on the Tanzania trip this year… man, what an experience! What was one of the biggest highlights?

K: Tanzania definitely changed my life for the better! One of the biggest highlights is definitely sitting on the slope of Kilimanjaro as the sun rises above Mwenzi. There is this overwhelming sense of freedom that enables you to take on anything and everything.


A: And your Kili hike was pretty tough. What was the major lesson you learnt from that experience?

K: I did not reach the peak of Kilimanjaro, which at the time was a big blow, but as I was watching that sunrise I realised that failure is not something to be feared nor avoided but something that we must embrace and learn from. Don’t get me wrong, I will always strive for success BUT from here onward, I will see failure not as a testament of my shortcomings but as a testament of my perseverance.



A: Outside of yLead, what do you get up to and love filling your time with?

K: Outside of yLead, I am a photographer by profession which pretty much takes most of my free time. I also love watching films and cooking!


A: And finally, if you could give one piece of advice to the yTeam family, what would it be?

K: One advice… Don’t be afraid to fail! Coming off what I learnt from Kili, I now realise that true failure is not trying at all.

Speed round:

-Food: Sushi
-Band: Simple Plan/ My Chemical Romance
-Holiday destination: London!!!
-Actor: I don’t really have much choices, thanks Hollywood!!!
-Secret talent: I’m really good at overthinking and not letting go. I still worry about a conversation I had back in primary school.