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yTeam Superstar: Rosie Lennox – New kid on the block

By November 30, 2018Team

Name: Rosie Lennox

Age: 22

School: Sunshine Coast Grammar School

yLead involvement: Was first introduced to yLead when they came and ran my school’s year 8 camp, and then again when they ran a session at our year 11 camp as well. First time yTeaming was in 2018, at that same year 8 camp. 


A: So Rosie, you are fairly new to the yLead family, only donning the blue after having attended RYLA with Ambrose and LG this year. What made you want to come on board as a volunteer?

R: I’ve always loved working with kids and young people in a variety of settings, leading me to study education at uni. I hit a bit of a roadblock earlier this year and took some time to think what it is I’m truly passionate about. I actually remembered what an amazing time I had when yLead came to our school and thought it would be amazing to get involved with the organisation some how. Then maybe 2 weeks later I met these 2 randoms (Matt and Lucy) at RYLA who told me all about this amazing company they worked for, turned out I knew exactly what they were talking about and the rest is history!!

“I hit a bit of a roadblock earlier this year and took some time to think what it is I’m truly passionate about.”

A: Your first In School as a yTeamer was coming back to your old school on their Year 8 camp. If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you were in high school, what would it be?

R: Just to trust that the universe has its plan for you, everything will happen exactly the way it’s meant to.


A: For all those that haven’t met you yet, describe yourself in 3 words!

R: Laughs loud (and) often!


A: What do you love filling your time with?

R: I love anything in the water! Swimming was my thing growing up and I just love being in, on or around the water. That and I love a good Netflix binge.


A: If there is one thing in 2019 that you must accomplish, what would it be?

R: 2018 has been such a huge year of learning for me. In 2019 I really want to continue to discover more about myself and find my way into a career that I love!! I would also love to save up enough money to reward myself and take myself on a holiday next year!


Speed round:

Food – ahhh choosing one would have to be Sushi
Artist – I love me some Michael Bublé
Holiday destination – Coolum Beach back home on the coast!
Actress who would play you in a movie of your life – Kristen Bell
Secret talent – Not sure if its a talent or I’m just obsessed, but I can sing along to any Disney song, just name it!