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Alex Barnes’ Reflection of Thrill Out, New Zealand in 2018

By October 18, 2019Uncategorised

Arriving at the airport early on the first day was quite daunting, but I was so excited to meet the group of people that I would be sharing my time in New Zealand with. The life-long friendships that were formed right from the beginning of our adventure really did just make the trip one of a kind. Travelling overseas to New Zealand taught me to just give it a go, open myself up to understanding the culture and learning about the unfamiliar environment, and to not be afraid to step outside of my comfort zone.

‘Strangers at the beginning, family at the end’ is truly the best way to describe my Thrill Out experience last year. Immersing myself in the culture and the experiences allowed me to form such authentic and honest connections and create everlasting memories with the participants of the trip and the other mentors. Standing at the top of one of the mountains in Rotorua made me reflect and appreciate how grateful I was to be given the opportunity to travel as a mentor to New Zealand and immerse myself in the culture and endless beauty of such a hidden gem.

“Immersing myself in the culture and the experiences allowed me to form such authentic and honest connections”

Travelling to New Zealand as part of the mentor team for Thrill Out provided me with the confidence and ability to step outside of my comfort zone. The past twelve months have been incredible for me in terms of growth and change. Being able to mentor on this trip solidified my capabilities as a person, as a leader within the yLead community and in my own life, making me realise my passion and love for the opportunities yLead provides.

Thank you for allowing me the ability to experience such a beautiful part of the world, for the opportunity to have quality conversation and form friendships so organic and pure and finally, thank you for allowing me to continue to live my passion and dream.

nga mihi mo te angitu

no te mihi ki te whanaungatanga

Thank you for the opportunities

Thank you for the friendships


Alex Barnes

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