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Jack Prosser’s Reflection of Help Out, Cambodia in 2017

By September 29, 2019Uncategorised

Cambodia was my first international experience and I’m so grateful that I chose to do it with yLead. It was such a unique and beautiful experience and we were able to capture insight into so many different components of the culture and the country.

The variety of activities allowed us to appreciate the highest highs with beautiful scenery, zip-lining, wonderful people and many incredible temples. We were also able to appreciate the gravity of the disadvantage and the struggle that majority of the Khmer people face with visits to the slums and stories of the difficulties that they still face from the country’s past warfare.

The highlight for me was definitely the time we spent in the classrooms at Feeding Dreams. It was amazing to see the difference in schooling and the student’s absolute willingness and eagerness to learn. Break times were filled with laughter, running, playing soccer, hugs and lots of piggy backs. It was humbling to be able to create such strong connections regardless of language barriers. I had one in particular with a young boy even though we couldn’t communicate a single word, I learned there’s so much more to communication than just words.

“Even though we couldn’t communicate a single word, I learned there’s so much more to communication than just words.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to travel with. Although I only knew one person heading into the trip, before we’d even boarded the first plane many of us were already chatting away like we’d known each other for years. It was such a special experience to share with people that I will always be connected with.

I certainly have a greater appreciation for the way people of different cultures lead their lives and have realised no one way is necessarily the right way. yLead gave me a fantastic appreciation for travel; so much so that I will be travelling with them to trek the Kokoda Trail in 2020!


Jack Prosser


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