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Conquering Fears | Jack Drury’s Reflection of Thrill Out, New Zealand 2019

By March 16, 2020Event, Team, Travel

Conquering Fears

Graduating from High School is such an incredible milestone! Here yLead, we understand the power of celebrating in a meaningful and memorable way while exploring a different part of the world. Jack Drury graduated from Burnside State High School at the end of 2019 and celebrated his 13 years of schooling with us in New Zealand! Check out Jack’s reflection on his adventure to New Zealand with us!

After graduating school in 2019, I was fortunate enough to go on Thrill Out with yLead; an action-packed week in the North Island of New Zealand to celebrate schoolies. I wanted to do something different from the Gold Coast and I am so glad that I chose this trip for many reasons.  From meeting new people to conquering fears, it was one of the best weeks of my life and I would highly recommend the opportunity.

The trip was full of many highlights and memorable moments that I will cherish forever; but if I had to narrow it down to three this is what they were:

  1. Experiencing Maori Culture – After visiting both the Mitai Maori Village and Te Puia Thermal Park; it was an eye-opener to see not only how much they care about their culture, but to hear their amazing stories, rich history and how welcoming their culture is to foreign visitors. This experience made me realise how important and diverse sacred history can be.
  2. White Water Rafting – Personally, I wasn’t too keen on rafting at the start of the trip. However, it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. To take in the natural beauty of the surrounding nature, juxtaposed with fun, exhilarating rapids made it an incredible experience and one I will always look back on.
  3. Conquering the Sky Swing – The most talked about activity on Thrill Out! It was without doubt the most terrifying, exhilarating and exciting activity on the trip and I have to say I was proud I conquered it. The feeling you get dropping from top to bottom is something crazy!!

From meeting new people to conquering fears, it was one of the best weeks of my life and I would highly recommend the opportunity.

Leaving to go to New Zealand on day 1, I only knew about 3 people and 1 of those very well. I wasn’t to sure about travelling with a bunch of strangers at first and the fact that more than half were from different states. Come to the final day, I left with a family of 33. The connections I made with the people on the trip were something special and I am so grateful I got to share the week with them.

This is how yLead provided me with skills for the real world. Skills such as making it easier to connect with new people, not being afraid to step out of comfort zone. But most importantly, being grateful for everything you have. Gratitude can go a long way to making a difference today.

Kia Mihi, Jack Drury, 18