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Fast Four | Hunter Johnson: Founder & CEO of the Man Cave

By June 27, 2018Event

Hunter Johnson wants to promote healthy masculinity for young men. Recognising a need for a safe space where boys and young men can share in courageous conversations, Hunter created the Man Cave. The Man Cave aims to do three things: 

  1. Deconstruct ‘traditionally’ held views of masculinity, as well as the influences of the media and behavioural role models.
  2. Challenge the young men to be present, vulnerable and real.
  3. Redefine their sense of self and ability to make positive choices.

“Leadership is being authentically YOU when the odds are against you”

Hunter came to the Melbourne Altitude Day, encouraging the students to #FLEARN – fail while learning! (Before he jetted off to England to meet the Queen for the ‘Queen’s Young Leaders’ awards… no biggy)


Hunter shared this with us when we asked him our Fast Four questions!


What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about creating safe, non-judgemental spaces where (young) people can take off the masks they wear each day and authentically connect with one another. I know from personal experience, and from working with thousands of young people, that spaces like these are rare but incredibly important for our mental health. 


What action are you taking to influence change in that area?

Whilst I absolutely love working with young people of all backgrounds and genders, right now, I am specifically focusing on creating safe spaces with young men where they can talk about what’s really going on in their lives. I believe that if we can support young men to become more emotionally aware, have access to positive role models, and develop healthy masculinity this improves the lives of all genders, not just men. 


What is the greatest lesson you have learnt on your journey so far?

A pearl of wisdom from my late Grandfather was “invest in experiences.” This is absolutely something that has turbocharged my personal and professional growth. Each year I invest in one life changing experience which absolutely blows my mind, it often involves an element of travel, education, hanging out with people way smarter than me and it has to make me a little uncomfortable! Every time I walk away from the experience completely inspired, educated and reinvigorated about the change I want to create in the world.


What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop trying to pretend you don’t care dude! You totally do! And it’s freaking awesome that you do. Trust your gut, follow your heart and you’ll give those around you the permission to do the same. Trust me, it’s worth it 😉 


Check out The Man Cave at or Hunter on Instagram @hunterj