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Fast four with Rowie McEvoy – MAX College Founder & all round LEGEND

By June 29, 2017Event, Media

A bullying incident in high school, followed by the opportunity to teach aerobics for her peers, led Rowie McEvoy to find a passion for fitness. By founding the MAX International College for Fitness Professionals she helps ensure everyone is living a fit, happy, healthy life. Rowie has since been in the fitness industry for 34 years, achieving accolades such as BRW Fast 100 List (owning one of the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia), BRW Young Rich List (one of the richest people in Australia under 40), has run 21 marathons, as well as managing and owning various fitness businesses.


But for Rowie the awards and the money are not the focus. Rowie lives each day with the purpose of helping others achieve their goals and reach their potential. She has been told countless times that her positive attitude is unrealistic, but those that meet Rowie will understand that she shows genuine interest in each person because she wants you to be the best possible version of yourself. Her smile and warmth are infectious, she oozes confidence and poise, and she kicks butt at all times!

“I told myself from this day on I will be a POWERFUL, PASSIONATE, POSITIVE person *stamps foot*”

If yLead had a ‘Hall of Fame’, Rowie McEvoy would definitely be in it! The yLead journey alongside Rowie started when the team were captivated by her positive attitude and approach to life. Since then Rowie has become an integral part of the Altitude Day program, giving up 2 weeks of her time each year to travel with the team to each city! That’s a pretty impressive effort in itself! 


In typical Rowie fashion, she likes to keep things short, simple and to the point. Here’s what she shared when we sat down to ask her our Fast Four questions!


What are you the most passionate about?

Inspiring people doing what they are THE most passionate about.


What action are you taking to influence change in that area?

It is my life – daily!! Every person I interact with I am finding solutions to how they CAN!


What is the greatest lesson you have learnt on your journey so far?

Stop caring what other people think.


Your top piece of advice for Year 9 students?

Do what you are most passionate about and do not believe the people who say you, “Can’t” because there is ALWAYS a way you CAN!!


During the 2017 Altitude Day Roadshow, Rowie was a guest speaker at 10 of the 11 events across Australia! This gave her the opportunity to inspire over 2,400 students, as well as the teachers and yLead team in the room. Rowie is an invaluable member of the yLead and Altitude Day team, and we appreciate the value she adds to all of the lives she encounters. A mega WOW to you Rowie!