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Meet the newest team member… Ollie Penno!

By November 20, 2017Team

Name: Oliver Lindsay Penno

Age: 21

School: Graduated from Napier Boys’ High School in 2013 | Bachelor of Arts & Honours Degree at Victoria University, Wellington

yLead involvement: Attended the first New Zealand Rangatira Conference in 2012. Has since mentored at conferences in New Zealand & Melbourne.


Favourite quote: “I am a camera, with its shutter open… Someday, all of this will be developed, printed, fixed.” – Christopher Isherwood

A: Hey there Ollie! After so many years of volunteering we’re excited to welcome you to the full time team! Why do you love being a part of the yLead community?

O: It gives young people the means to be really beautiful versions of themselves. It does not force anything on anyone, it simply allows something uniquely wonderful to take place within the minds of those that it works for.


A: What is a lesson you’ve learnt from your time within yLead?

O: That it is okay to be flawed. It is okay not to be a certain version of yourself all the time. It is okay to just be.


A: What are you looking forward to about your new role as a facilitator?

O: I’m looking forward to a completely new challenge in my life. This is something that will really allow me to grow and become a more well-rounded human being.

I am also really looking forward to making the world a kinder place for young people to exist in.


Speed round:

Favourite food: I like fries. Beer battered. French. Curly. Loaded. However they are made, I’m into it.

Favourite past time/hobby: I like to read, watch, listen and converse. I’m just into articulate thought and the beautiful ways that it can be expressed.

Favourite band: Violent Femmes

Which actor would play you in a movie of your life: Antoine-Olivier Pilon.

Any secret talents: Professional wrestling.


Ollie has been a valuable member of the yLead community since 2012. Having volunteered at over 9 conferences across Australia and New Zealand he brings experience, insight and passion to the role as full time facilitator. The team are excited for Ollie’s adventure to begin!