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Can you hold your breath for 3 minutes?

By August 10, 2017Media

Breathing. We all do it right? But how often do we actually take the time to stop and think about our breath, as well as the positive effects it has on our body? I know what you’re all thinking… sure this mindfulness stuff is good when you’re not swamped with emails, calls, and the endless list of tasks you need done by the end of the week.


But dispelling the myth that mindfulness takes up huge portions of your day is the Breathe Project. By simply going to their website homepage you’re welcomed with a guided breathing technique. It’s this technique the founders Kat and Bodhi are aiming to embed in all Australian primary and secondary schools. Simply 3 minutes each day can help both students and teachers alleviate stress and anxiety. There’s no tricks, just time to pause to find a clear mind and calm body.


Check out some of their work in this video!

In July 2017 yLead ran a 3 day conference for our volunteers themed ‘Back to Basics’. The participants were encouraged to switch off from the outside world, and instead return to a more simple way of living. Think back to a time where instead of scrolling through social media, one might have read a book or spent time outdoors. When emails or texts were letters in the mail. Moments were appreciated and shared with friends, rather than observed through a camera or phone lens.

The Breathe Project ran a session with the conference participants, guiding them through their 3 minute breathing technique.


“Kat and Bodhi taught us that even just one deep breath can release tension and clear the mind” Lucy Gregg

“The Breathe Project took a basic tool we all use daily and reoriented our focus towards it. They transform the act of breathing from ‘something we just do’ to ‘something we can do’ to help alleviate stress, pressure, emotions, or even just clear our head”Olivia Turner


Think this is something for you? Ways you can get involved are…

  • Register your school to receive their 2017 Info Pack at – get students, teachers and even parents involved!
  • ‘Just Breathe’ stickers to remind everyone around you how important it is.
  • Head to their website for more details!