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There’s something about January

By February 18, 2018April 17th, 2018Event

It’s hard to truly explain to someone what a yLead conference is like.


You can use words:





You can use images:

But nothing ever seems to suffice. Nothing really, apart from experiencing one yourself.


Throughout January, over four hundred students have joined us at one of our five conferences held across the country. From Brisbane to Adelaide and beyond, we have been lucky enough to share three or more days with a collection of highly motivated, inspiring students – all of which have shown immense courage. Courage to step out of their comfort zones, be vulnerable and ready to develop their skills in order to become the best leaders they can be.


It would be true to say that even though each conference has been designed for high school students in particular, our yTeam and facilitators take away just as much (if not more) as participants do.


I was fortunate enough to experience both the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in the Gold Coast, run in partnership with the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, and the Australian Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) in Townsville this year.


Returning to SLC for the second time, after being a participant in 2015 and a mentor the following year, I was reminded of the magical environment that this conference facilitates. Each and every girl that walks away from SLC takes with them a myriad of leadership tools to utilise in their schools, as well as strong network – a sisterhood of like-minded women who will stand by them during the challenging year ahead.


At Townsville, my first experience of ASLC, I was blown away by the genuine connections I was able to form with so many participants. I began the conference dreaming of how I could best support these budding leaders, and ended by finding myself having been inspired by them instead.


If there is one thing that can be said about yLead’s conferences, it is that the people who are a part of it are what makes it so significant.

Each and every person, from volunteer to participant, contributes their 0.06% – their unique spirit and personality.

And that, purely and simply, is what makes it so special.



1. Cam Greenwood taught me to expect storms; to allow myself to be caught in storms, but not to let the storm be in me.
2. Stephanie Rice challenged me to identify my fears, and face them head on.
3. Both conferences reminded me of the importance of writing a personal vision statement, guiding me when creating smaller goals for the year ahead.
4. Kylie Bartlett shared a beautiful quote that resonated with me: “The most powerful thing on earth is the human soul on fire”. She encouraged me to ‘leap’ into life, and follow my passions.
5. My ‘Sunset Squad’ at ASLC inspired me to be more open and vulnerable, as that is what allows us to form the purest connections with those around us.


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Written by yTeamer Lucy Gregg – Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School graduate 2015

Check out Lucy’s blog, ‘From me to you. for more of her real world, real feels writing!