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yTeam Superstar: Chloé McGrath

By May 13, 2019Team

Name: Chloé McGrath

Age: 19

School & grad year: St Francis College, 2017

yLead involvement: I attended Brisbane ASLC as a student in 2017, then came back as a mentor in 2019!


A: What’s something epic that you’ve done or seen in the last month?
C: Something epic that I’ve done in the last month was learn how to sing the alphabet in sign language!! (still needs some work!)


A: What’s something you learnt or that you’ve been thinking about this month?
C: Something I’ve been thinking about a lot this month is how I can work on making better decisions that will help the earth, e.g. using reusable straws, picking up litter when I see it etc!


A: For all those that haven’t met you yet, describe yourself in 3 words.
C: Accepting, kind and bubbly.


A: What do you love to fill your time with? 
C: Something I love to fill my time with is going to schools with my mum to share and educate students in Catholic schools all across Brisbane about the beauty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Being a very proud young Aboriginal woman, I think it’s vital that schools give students the chance to learn about our history through our songs, dances, crafts and our stories.

Not only is this furthering their knowledge on the first nation’s people but it can hopefully develop their relationships and connections with Aboriginal communities. Working with the youth is one of my favourite things to do but being able to share my culture with them makes it 10x better!


A: What made you want to come back and be involved with yLead?
C: Besides absolutely loving the yTeam, the main reason I wanted to come back and be involved with yLead is because I really love the idea of inspiring and motivating the youth.


Speed round:

Favourite food – Mum’s potato bake!
Favourite band/artist – Khalid of course!
Holiday destination of choice – Japan or Hawaii
Actor that would play you in a movie of your life – Rebel Wilson for sure
Secret talent – Leaving my uni assignments to the last minute and being able to submit them on time