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yTeam Superstar: George Conlon

By May 13, 2019Team

Name: George Conlon

Age: 17

School & grad year: Padua College, 2018

yLead involvement: Brisbane ASLC 2019 Mentor


A: What’s something epic that you’ve done or seen in the last month?
G: In the last month, I have taken up soccer coaching at Padua for year 6s which has been very enjoyable so far, and saw both Post Malone and Billie Eilish (on Snapchat).


A: What’s something you learnt or that you’ve been thinking about this month?
G: I’ve been thinking this month at how we take our daily lives for granted and don’t seize opportunities when we can.

If we aren’t making the most out of a situation, we are losing out on possible enjoyment or life changing events.

Sometimes you will need to step out your comfort zone, but we need to stop hesitating and just go for it.


A: For all those that haven’t met you yet, describe yourself in 3 words.
G: Exuberant, athletic and curious.


A: What do you love to fill your time with? 
G: I love to play soccer in my spare time for club and just going to the park to kick the ball around. I enjoy the team play within the game and the exhilarating moments that such a sport can inflict on ones self. I am also enjoying my uni studies at QUT doing a Bachelor of International Business.


A: What made you want to come back and be involved with yLead?
G: The positive environment and the amazing people is what made me come back along side wanting to share my leadership knowledge and wisdom with current year 12s or up and coming leaders.


Speed round:

Favourite food – Beef and Cheese pie
Favourite band/artist – Avicii
Holiday destination of choice – Mykonos
Actor that would play you in a movie of your life – George Clooney
Secret talent – Joker impression