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yTeam Superstar: Grace Langley – Adelaide Country Girl

By July 2, 2018Team

Name: Grace Langley

Age: 20

School: Seymour College

yLead involvement: SLC Participant 2016 | Mentor at SLC 2018 & yTeam for In Schools

Favourite quote: This is so hard I love so many! Probably “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


A: Hey Grace! yLead first met you as a participant at SLC in 2016. What made you want to come back and be a mentor in 2018?

G: I loved the conference in 2016 it played a major part in helping me to develop confidence in myself and my abilities as a leader. I wanted to be involved again to help the girls have an amazing experience like I did and pass on some of the knowledge I learned in my year as a school leader and my experiences outside of school. I loved mentoring and being surrounded by so many positive young leaders and helping to contribute to their experience of SLC.


A: What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt throughout your time with yLead that you apply to your life?

G: I’ve learned so many things through my short time with yLead. Probably the one that hits home the most is that we define who we are and the impact we make on the people around us. As well as the importance of taking action on things we care about and letting the people we love know that we are grateful for them!

“we define who we are and the impact we make on the people around us”


A: You grew up on a farm in South Australia, and now go to uni in Adelaide… tell us about what you’re doing there.

G: I’m currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences at The University of Adelaide. I’m aiming to transfer into Medicine as I love learning about how our bodies work in health and illness and being able to help people and continuously learn and challenge myself. I’d love to become a doctor and work in rural areas and have recently become really interested in mental health and wellbeing.

I still love going back to our family farm and this is my favourite time of year as all of the lambs are being born! I live with my older sister in Adelaide and it’s been challenging to live in the city while studying, even after 3 years of boarding school! Home is only 3 hours drive away from Adelaide so I can often find time to head back for the weekend and my 2 younger sisters are at boarding school so Mum and Dad are always driving up.



A: Outside of uni and yTeaming, what do you love filling your time with?

G: I love playing and coaching netball, soccer, reading books and catching up with friends. I love cooking and can make a mean pavlova. I’m currently teaching myself to play guitar (very slowly though!) and love going swimming at the beach.



A: And finally, if you could tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

G: Have the audacity to be courageous and believe in yourself and your abilities! And remember to always take care of yourself.


Speed round:

-Food: Strawberries
-Band: I love a bit of One Direction, The Wombats and The Lumineers (random taste in music I know).
-Holiday destination: Robe, South Australia
-Actress who would play you in a movie of your life: Katherine Langford
-Secret talent: I can do a pretty good impression of a dog barking…