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yTeam Superstar: Luke Jobson – Sydney local & USA Speed Walker

By July 2, 2018Team

Name: Luke (Jobbo) Jobson

Age: 21

School: Muirfield High School, now West Virginia University Institute of Technology

yLead involvement: ASLC Sydney 2012-2013 | yTeam since ASLC Sydney 2014

Favourite quote: “Be hungry, be humble, and always be the hardest worker in the room” – Dwayne Johnson


A: Hey Luke! Being an ASLC participant in 2012 means you’ve been a part of the yLead community for quite a while now! What is it about yLead that you love so much and keeps you coming back?

L: It’s crazy to think that it is nearly 6 years since I was sitting at the Thornleigh Community Centre listening to Kersh, Bel and Em Hagan. The message that yLead spreads to young people is so inspiring, and it always amazes me that every time yLead finishes at a school, these young leaders walk out with a smile and you can see that they’ve taken something away from the day. It’s really something special to be a part of, and I love it.


A: What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt throughout your time with yLead that you apply to your life?

L: Leaders don’t have to have a badge or do something big to make an impact. It’s two things that I thought before my first conference that you HAD to do to be seen as a leader. I now know that it is well and truly not the case, and it’s helped me so much over the last 6 years.


A: Unfortunately you don’t get to wear the blue as much as you’d like since you’re actually at uni over in America! How cool. What made you decide to head to the states and what do you do there?

L: I was fortunate enough to get an offer to play soccer for WVU Tech. I honestly was on the fence even though I had committed, until I met Rowie at Altitude Day. She convinced me that it was the right decision, and I can’t thank her enough because it is amazing. I currently study Sports management, as well as being lucky enough to be a part of the track and field team where I racewalk.



A: There must be some times when you face challenges. What helps you to push past them?

L: I always remember what my goals are, and why I am where I am today. I still have the ‘Real Me’ night papers from the 4 conferences I’ve been to, as well as just constantly looking at the good times and what I can do if I keep pushing through the rough times.


Speed round:

-Food: Chicken Parma
-Band: Bon Jovi
-Holiday destination: Tied… New Zealand/Iceland
-Actor to play you in a movie of your life: Hugh Jackman
-Secret talent: I song write in my spare time